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    Reflex Frags Vol. 1 by @zigzter
     Reflex Frags Vol. 2 by @zigzter 
    cat_smoker assorted frags by @Cat_Smoker 
    yak attack ep3 by @tidy yak 
    yak attack ep4 by @tidy yak 
    yak attack ep5 by @tidy yak 
    yak attack ep6 by @tidy yak 
    yak attack ep7 by @tidy yak 
    Aerowalking by @clank ? 
    Matchmaking Highlights: Round 1by @Scott ? 
    Jumping around (REFLEX) by @Smilecythe 
    Reflex runs by @jukebox 
    ZILO by @Cadsmar 
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    Officially confirmed for next update. Everything from my end is done with implementation of it.
    Just want to say, this is how custom rulesets should be handled. Everything about the process was done right. Documentation, discussions, changelogs and explanations.
    Thanks to everyone that provided feedback and to Rama for coordinating it all.
    I believe it addresses a lot of consistency issues while providing more solidified roles for weapons. By providing this contrast it makes the gameplay less flat/uniform overall. I think it'll give an improved platform moving forward. Another added bonus is that for the most part, the more casual players won't notice any drastic changes. A good step towards evolving the gameplay I think.
    Thanks again everyone.
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    any of these pls

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    Some challenging and unique jumps.
    Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1183487713
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    Because flying is better than not flying. 
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    Because going slow is wack and going fast is tight as fuck.
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    Very nice  GJ man