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  1. I'm just a noob lurker here, but I think the main problem with Reflex is that it wants to be a big game. I remember the early days of beta... maybe it is just nostalgia, but the game felt so much better to me in the early days. No stupid assets and overly complicated maps. Everything was dominated by visual clarity. It felt much faster too. The graphics engine had a better illumination baking process IMO. I remember just experimenting with lightning baking on simple self-made maps. Simple geometries looked so cool. I had so much fun back then. Building simple maps with friends while some other players shooting around and chatting about whatever... I think this side of Reflex should get more focus.
  2. ddd

    [0.38] Starting Reflex gives me blackscreen

    Same problem here.
  3. ddd

    Add smooth shading to weapons

    +1 I would also like to see this change.
  4. ddd

    Lightmap build

    Yeah, most older/simpler maps - without the next-gen clutter - look really bad with the new algorithm.
  5. ddd

    Lightmap build

    I was talking about the actual lightmap build process. In older versions it was some kind of more sophisticated raytracing process. At least it seemed so. It resulted much more realistic results with a simple skylight. It was pretty cool actually. Now everything looks so bland and without details. But now that you mention it, I really miss some subtle reflections too. Now everything looks so flat and boring. I'm all for minimalism and clarity, but it should not equal to being boring.
  6. ddd

    Lightmap build

    I know it is not the newest change, but what happened with the lightmap build process? Now it is faster alright (guess it handles more complex geometry better), but IMO completely lost its classy global illuminated look. Previously on geometrically simple maps it was so cool to run lm_build and watch how suddenly everything looked professionally lit. Is this something you are working on, or this is considered final for now?
  7. ddd

    Reflex 0.36 Preview

    Great decision guys! I really hoped something like this will happen. Looking great!
  8. How to write a status update?

  9. ddd

    r_lm_build is slowing down around 26%

    Thanks for the reply shooter. Yeah without sun it is running much faster.
  10. ddd

    r_lm_build is slowing down around 26%

    Yeah probably 26% is the start of a new rendering pass. By the way I have dynamic lights off, sun on.
  11. ddd

    r_lm_build is slowing down around 26%

    Thanks for the tips, but no: this is definitely something radical that got introduced with the sunlight patch. It is very noticeable on my system and the tips do not really help much.
  12. ddd

    r_lm_build is slowing down around 26%

    Thanks for confirming it!
  13. ddd

    r_lm_build is slowing down around 26%

    I think it happens on all maps on my system. I'll check later (I'm at work).
  14. Like the title says. It happens since the patch that introduced sunlight. Also after 26%, the FPS drops to around 5 from the 'normal' ~20. The building process also seems to introduce several artifacts during the build process. Win7 64, GTX670, i5