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  1. GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    Small maintenance update (r45): Fixed custom font value getting reset after opening the font list Scores: Add option to hide scores while playing Hotfix: Fixed error related to the custom font field
  2. GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    r44: Readjusted the default positions of Scores and Timer widgets so the timer will fit between the Scores widget Messages: Added and updated ruleset detection for following competitive rulesets: sushi, sushi 2v2, CR2, CR2 team Scores: Fix negative scores when nobody is currently in-game Scores: Added Hud Editor preview support PerfMeter: Reverted the default value for show always option
  3. GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    Bigger non-fix (r43): Score widget is now shown in duels and FFA for local player (health and armor bars hidden in these cases) Score: Fixed widget not showing up while playing team modes Score: Fixed wrong name position when name had color codes Ammo: Added option to use weapon based coloring Chat: Added separate background transparency option when chat is inactive Crosshair: Added option to show crosshair always (ignores cl_show_hud), enabled by default PerfMeter: Show always option is now default Also a reminder that the Score widget is not enabled by default yet, so make sure it's actually visible when you wonder why it's no showing up
  4. GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    Small fix (r42): Fix ammo widget causing heavy performance hit after the animation is over
  5. sv_pure poll

    Region: EU Highest rank achieved in matchmaking: Gold / Low Plat during early days of MM Do you use any customized widgets/hud elements/particle effects/sounds/: GoaHud, Brandon's widgets, few custom Q3 weapon and enemy sounds Do you wish to see sv_pure implemented into the competitive ruleset?: No Why?Reasoning/Arguments/etc. sv_pure: (The version which disables everything) simply shouldn't need to exist. What I and probably most people want is having a list of widgets approved by bunch of trusted people who can read and analyze LUA code, majority vote decides if any widget should be allowed or not. If devs decides to go this route, I want to volunteer on this, but this system obviously wont work if there are no other volunteers around to avoid giving too much power for one or two guys. I really don't want to see the all hard work done with all the widgets to go down in the toilet if everything gets disabled in competitive play. r_lm_clear: Allowed while mapping, disallowed during gameplay. If the map looks too dark to play without lightmaps, then the map needs to be dropped out from the competitive map pool until it's fixed. The mappers should be the first ones to fix these problems, not the players. Catalyst should be the first map to get dropped out because it's way too dark to play with default settings. Custom Assets: Same as with widgets, only community approved assets should be allowed in competitive play. Ideally the devs should address the issues with existing assets first before forcing people to use default sounds and effects. Tune down the weapon effects and adjust/change the sounds which people find annoying to hear like for example the jumping sound which has really annoying high frequency audio and it's quite tiring to hear when you are jumping around all the time. Some words about the controversial widgets: Devs should at this point really say loudly what kind of widgets are ok for them and which one should be discouraged. Like Kyto said, community is so split on things like zoom widgets and timestamps that devs really need to step up at this point and have the final word if they should be allowed or not.
  6. GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    Custom font update (r39): Added customizable font options to following widgets: PerfMeter, Timer, TimerBig, RaceTimer, Ammo, Armor, Health, Messages, FragMessages, WeaponRack Added missing 'Lato Heavy' and 'Open Sans Condensed' fonts to list of available fonts Removed following features which could give a competitive advantage to players: Removed GrenadeTimer widget Removed base-25 timer options from Timer and BigTimer widgets Chat: Added option to change size of emojis Chat: Added customizable background color for chat input Chat: Fixed wrong cursor offset after emojis Chat: Fixed color codes itself not getting colorized in input line Chat: Fixed color code leakage from player names Chat: Fixed player not ready messages showing up at match start Scores: Fixed missing flag shadow on right side PerfMeter: Fixed font alignment not following widget anchoring Small timer update (r40): Fixed timer numbers moving around with non-monospaced fonts Added letter spacing option for timers Optimized emojis, added few new ones Another hotfix (r41): Fixed errors when trying to open Timer and TimerBig widget setting Fixed timer preview sometimes flashing in weird colors
  7. GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    Spectator goodness update (r37): Added new Scores widget for spectators, works in duels and team modes (experimental, disabled by default) Very simple and minimalistic looking score widget, will be expanded in future updates Customizable health/armor bar animation speed (disable by setting the Tick Speed to 0) Supports custom fonts and font sizes for both names and scores Colors, center offset, bar sizes and propotional sizes are also customizable Chat: Added custom font support (experimental, use font filename without the extension, place your custom fonts under addons folder) Chat: Added chat scrolling support (use mouse wheel), and a new setting to display more lines when chat is active Chat: Display player ready messages (enabled by default) Messages: Show current ruleset after game mode, supports RMC, sushi and legacy (pre-1.1.4) rulesets BetterGameplay: Added option to strip/ignore color codes from all widgets (^1n^2i^3c^4 ^5o^6n^7e) BetterGameplay: Global color code mode now enables emoji support as well (still quite buggy) TimerBig: Added option to hide it while spectating (enabled by default) Fixed messages and frag messages overlapping with scoreboard Added Options button to movable sub-elements in Brandon's Hud Editor Fixed some emoji codes Chat: Added chat preview box to options Fixed reset settings not working with some options Added in r36 update: Crosshair: added option to specify minimum time for mode shapes to show up Small hotfix (r38): Fixed error caused by previous Chat font not getting applied correctly
  8. GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    Some emoji fixes (r34+r35): EmojiSupport is no longer required to display custom emojis Fixed buggy Chat with player names containing emojis Fixed color code shadows with uppercase code letters Module settings are now hidden when module is not enabled Chat: Added new font Oswald Added new emojis ?
  9. GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    Small bugfix (r33): Zoom: Added new sensitivity rescaling option based on viewspeed algorithm Zoom: Zoom FOV is reset back to default value when invalid value is detected Fixed frag messages display time while playing replays in various speeds Fixed console sometimes getting spammed with list of player names after death Fixed wrong player name position with colored names while spectating other players Chat: Ignore color codes when shortening names
  10. GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    Quick hotfix (r32): BetterGameplay: Added experimental option to enable color code support globally Chat: Fixed color codes leaking from player names Fix colored names not working in FragMessages anymore Fix text transparency with color codes
  11. GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    New update (r30 r31): 1.2 wen GoaHud_EmojiSupport: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1135362632 BetterGameplay: Added option to disable official item timers in casual duels Updated Emoji and color code support: Kimi's EmojiChat is no longer needed for emoji and color code support, but a new addon (GoaHud_EmojiSupport) is required to enable emojis again Note: After installing the EmojiSupport addon, the game needs to be restarted in order to stop the console spam and performance drop caused by the newly detected addon assets. Chat: Use Twitter emojis over Kimi's supplied emojis Chat: Text is now colored in realtime while typing in chat with color codes Chat: Added options to disable emojis and colors Added support for extended chat color codes from CPMA (^9, ^a, ^z, etc.) Shows current version of GoaHud in widget options Hotfix (r31): Moved Emoji support to separate addon (GoaHud_EmojiSupport) GoaHud addon update progress is now shown in the main menu Auto updater now automatically updates EmojiSupport too when enabled
  12. GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    'It took me 25 seconds to add this so why not' update: Timer/TimerBig: Added support for base-25 timers
  13. GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    More bug fixes: Fixed wrong placement number in Q3-style frag messages while spectators are present Fixed Chat crashing with 0.48.3 build of Reflex
  14. GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    Bug fixes: Fixed crash after pressing quick enable button in GoaHud options Changed zoom binding option to bind the zoom to in-game only instead globally Added a new experimental console command ui_goahud_set to change any options of any GoaHud widget that are not exposed to console: Usage: ui_goahud_set <widget> <variable> <value> Example for changing the zoom fov in Zoom widget: ui_goahud_set GoaHud_Zoom zoomFov 30 Example for enabling countdown timer in Timer widget: ui_goahud_set timer countdown true
  15. GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    Biggo update: BetterSpecControls module is now called BetterSpectator Added auto spectator modes: follow killer, follow leader Modes can be bound to different keys via options menu Modes are also accessible via console with ui_goahud_spectator_mode <value> -1: Cycle between different modes 1: Disabled 2: Follow killer 3: Follow leader Prevent following another player right after death in arena modes New experimental module: BetterGameplay Added option to instantly respawn after suiciding in Race mode Added bind to respawn in Race mode only (ui_goahud_respawn 1) Increased crosshair shape limit to 4 (from 2) Added mode options for crosshairs shapes to control when to show them Different shapes can be displayed after dealing damage or taking damage Fade time is customizable Elements of Messages widget (countdown, follow text, warmup text etc.) can be moved around with Brandon's Hud Editor Added shadows for WeaponRack text and icons (enabled by default) Display multiple CTF messages at the same time Added customizable fade and show times for game messages Zoom key is now bindable via options (shows (unbound) even though the key is properly bound, problem in the engine) Messages widget is fully shown in hud editor Fixed modules getting disabled after opening their options page Fixed FragMessages being shown in menu Fixed countdown messages being shown in menu Fixed text shadows being fully opaque with transparent text Fixed wrong player ready count in some modes (again) Fixed Health and Armor widgets crashing at random times during loading screens Fixed countdown messages and ticking not appearing in arena modes Fixed PerfMeter showing when hud is disabled, added option to always display it (disabled by default) Prevent zooming in game over screen Timers are no longer counting up/down during countdown