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  1. Tsarenir

    [IDEA] Race Mode Needs Some Lovin'

    It is a hot lap format, you get a window of time to post your fastest time on the maps released, once that window is up, you move onto the next map. The idea is to follow (mostly) the DeFrag World Cup format. Actual, live races would be very... unorthodox, as well as largely uninteresting as each player improves at a different rate, and a live, side-by-side race could be determined literally from the circlejump of the players. This way is time tested and fair for those involved, as a week gives each player enough time, life permitting, to practice/route find as much as they choose before trying to grind a demo for their best time. Further, race players like to see the best racers/defraggers post ridiculous times at ridiculous speeds doing ridiculous tricks, and this is the biggest appeal of the DFWC and this format, which you can only get if you give the players enough time to practice enough. Ideally, the interest would be built from the maps, as each map should have varying themes and playstyles (i.e. pure speed strafe compared to skill jumps) as well as lengths and difficulty. If you go through some DFWC archives, you can find some great examples of what I mean by map variety. Here's three pretty good examples,
  2. Tsarenir

    EU CTF Draft Cup: zombie edition 25-03-2017

  3. Tsarenir

    Cosmetic suggestions thread

    +1 to the Plague Doctor mask yeeeeessssssss pleeeaaaase
  4. Tsarenir

    [lolo_duel3] "Bishop"

    It was at least fun in FFA! Looks good so far though.
  5. Tsarenir

    Thermal Blast

    Loving the art pass, the theme looks great.
  6. Tsarenir

    [IDEA] Race Mode Needs Some Lovin'

    I'd be willing to make a map or two for the competition, given enough time. I think a week is enough time for runners to get their times in, and all times should be submitted as replays to the council. Extra points if somebody does a ZLive style stream showing off the maps and runs for each round, that'd really put it over the top.
  7. Tsarenir

    [0.48.2] Bridge tool not working properly

    I'm currently running into this same issue in multiple spots, and I theorize it has something to do with whatever code in the editor keeps you from performing "illegal" actions, like moving a block's vertex to the opposite side thereby breaking its geometry. This is the only thing I can think of from what I've tested with it, may be something completely different but the only way I have been able to get around it is by changing the position of the block I'm attempting to connect with, such that it would effect: the angle of one or more sides of one or more walls that would result from the tool, or simply the intensity of the curve itself. And to add, I haven't had the problem whatsoever on straight or mostly straight connections, only sections where I'm trying to create somewhat of a sharp curve. Edit: Here's an example of an area I'm currently having trouble with. In this particular stretch, the walls are made up of ten sections created via bridge tool, it took some doing but I finally got them to spawn correctly (was having trouble with the walls not spawning 100% earlier as well) however, now when I try to close it off with a ceiling, I select my start and end point with ten segments, and absolutely nothing spawns.
  8. Tsarenir

    Reflex 0.48.0 - Matchmaking + Ironguard + more

    Hey @shooter, an idea to rework casual FFA + CTF matchmaking, similar to how other games do it: Firstly, imo 'quick play' and 'matchmaking' should be separate buttons on the menu for minor sake of clarity and to aid in implementing casual FFA/CTF in the way of either: splitting FFA/CTF into a ranked casual and quick play casual, or doing away entirely with a casual FFA/CTF that involves any sort of hidden elo, at least in the current state of the game with as low a playerbase as we have, in favor of adding at the very least FFA + CTF to an actual quick play menu that will connect you to public servers running these modes that fall within the ping region selected. Also, alongside that, remove the locks on the official FFA + CTF servers so that they can be used in the same way, but with both official and community FFA + CTF severs, you will still be able to connect to them through the browser as per usual. This also comes with the benefit of being able to join games in progress, having drop-in drop-out play, which may or may not be a plus, but at the least it will potentially speed up casual matchmaking to only have to wait for an open slot rather than an entire game to end and re-queue. The servers allowed can be regulated by the dev team of course or even simply kept to the official servers, but currently I don't see many FFA's being put together through matchmaking once the population settles from the patch hype. This way FFA and maybe ctf, I think, could easily be kept consistent as players would filter in through both the browser and quick play, and if somebody really wanted to play a ranked FFA/CTF, (which if the game grows enough, I personally would use ranked CTF often) you could just keep them on the competitive list of matchmaking with their separate ELO's. In my thinking, if you're willingly playing casual FFA/CTF, you're accepting already that there wouldn't be a hidden ELO and that somebody else in-game may be quite above your skill. This is also how CSGO does casual matchmaking, so that's where my experience with the system comes from. Sorry for the long post and my jumbled two cents since it's early and I'm at work with little sleep, it may be more difficult to read than it should be. Also, if any of this already works in a way I've described I do apologize, I have not yet had a chance to actually play the new patch. Edit: Also forgot Clan Arena, that would fit here too.
  9. Think what he means is like Quake's five and two minute warnings, would definitely be nice. Edit: Also I'm retarded.
  10. Tsarenir

    Community Awards 2016

    Best Drama: Reflex community Top tier bridge trollington: Reflex community Community member of the year: Owl for being the only one to be kindhearted enough to reward anybody here :thumbsup: Best Mapper: Haven't explored as much as I should but Promeus does pretty things