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  1. Taking a break from Reflex for a bit.

  2. New to Reflex, Hello!

    Evening, CoolBeans. Welcome to the Reflex community. c:
  3. Build #28 - Now with 13% more stuff.

    Another excellent build update! C:
  4. Lava Ramps - 1v1 map

    Second map I've worked on in Reflex, Lava Ramps is a small 1v1 made map focusing on strafe jumping and close encounters. As of right now the weapons are the shotgun, plasma rifle, and a single rocket launcher. Any feedback on weapon changes are welcome. To install, just place the map in Reflexbaseinternalmaps. lavaramps.map
  5. Can i play the game with this...?

    You should be fine running Reflex.
  6. Working on finishing up my 1v1 map. Figuring out how to do the roof with good lighting though.

  7. Console commands.

    Extremely helpful, thanks!
  8. Regarding player colors

    A preview would be nice, but as of right now you can have a friend tell you what your colors are.
  9. Reflex Worlds Beta is now out and working. Time to work on a original map now. :D

  10. [BETA] Reflex Worlds

    Okay! Reflex Worlds is now in beta and is currently playable. Expect some issues, but nothing should be too broken. Download link will be up shortly. First post is edited so give that a read for more info.
  11. Welp, good thing is that this will probably benefit me since I don't have the best video card as of right now. Bad thing is, the map that Hellsrage and myself are currently working on is going to be really naked. :c
  12. be sure to compete/watch the ESR open koth event!

    Alright I gave dadoka a follow, so if I miss the stream I can watch the vod instead. Thanks RAW.
  13. be sure to compete/watch the ESR open koth event!

    I'd be down to watching it, but where exactly? I assume since we don't quite have spectator pov, this will probably be recorded then uploaded via YouTube? But if it'll be on say like Twitch, awesome. c:
  14. Will instagib be a thing?

    Dat Kreygasm.
  15. Pretty much finished with Reflex Worlds, just adding touch ups.