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  1. discoMoose

    Announcing the Reflex Arena launch date!

    very excited! indeed!
  2. discoMoose

    Reflex Africa!

    Excited for growing the community!
  3. discoMoose

    Reflex 0.49.1

    Good idea! I found steam group for South Africa but I think one for Africa itself is much better - more people! Also if we make a new group we can try to keep it alive and growing. I definitely think having more people to play against will help new players
  4. discoMoose

    Reflex 0.49.1

    I'm in South Africa, with one other player that I personally know of. I'm trying to come up with an effective way of promoting it here, since I'd love a serious-casual community down here. I also think they might not have given Reflex the proper chance... people seem so impatient in general. I played a bit of QL the other day for the first time in yonks and after Reflex, it feels like driving a rusty old bus lol
  5. discoMoose

    Reflex 0.49.0 - Matchmaking refinements

    great update
  6. ah. So do I at this point. anyways thanks for making these vids, they are very enjoyable.
  7. Hi Jaguar, out of interest (sorry if this is addressed elsewhere - ) what FOV do you use?
  8. discoMoose

    The playing with shotgun need to be more satisficing

    I'm totally with you on those hitbeeps!!
  9. discoMoose

    Sanctum - prdm9

    I like the map! Have not had the opportunity to 1v1 on it yet but I explored it and enjoyed the jumps. I expect to get stomped on it though
  10. discoMoose

    Lost World (Q3DM13)

    very exciting!
  11. discoMoose

    What's your playstyle?

    Interesting thread I don't think I have played against a diverse enough group of duel partners to actually have an identifiable play style. Also I'm still new in the game so I don't know all the maps and every intricacy. But from my enthusiasm for watching professional QuakeIII and QL (and more recently of course, Reflex) duels, I have some reference at least for how to improve my game. In general, I try to stay in control and only rush down the opponent when I'm fully stacked and confident. At the same time, I try to keep tabs on what stack I think my opponent has. I try to stay away from fights that I am not equipped for and when ooc, I try to be especially aware of my opponent's movements. I base my movements on a combination of what my opponent is doing, and which item I need to be getting. I've noticed that I can be a bit too full of bravado when I'm fully stacked, in control and going for the red. With split control, I try to do as much damage as I can without opening myself up, in order to choke my opponent out of going for a major item. I don't bounce around at hyperspeed all the time without pause, but I also don't play a completely slow and quiet game. Somewhere in between, depending on what I think is appropriate. I like this, but I think I will have to learn to adapt to a wider range of opponents... I remember a particularly horrific stomping one day on Toxitiy back in QL, from an opponent who had a hyperspeed-bouncy style that I just could not keep up with. It feels like I'm starting to develop a calmer demeanour when I do get fragged or when my game is thrown ooc. This way my game is becoming a bit more calculated, I think. I like to play a tiny bit of aim game too, but my aim, dodge and trick jumping all need a lot of work.
  12. discoMoose

    Why do you play Reflex?

    Thanks @Jaguar! And thanks XD It would probably be lank high lol - I usually ping about 182 on servers in the UK and 198 on servers in Germany, and those are normally the lowest inernational pings I get >_<
  13. discoMoose

    Why do you play Reflex?

    I'm so excited. This game is every bit as cool as I'd hoped it would be, so far. I got it yesterday and I'm so stoked to play. Just wishing there were more South Africans playing already - but I'm hoping that will come. Like I said in my Steam review... we don't want something easy. We want something great. And I really think this game has what it takes to fill the massive shoes of that long-lost true oldschool arena fps I have craved. I used to play QIII Arena and QL casually, but with great appreciation for the high skill ceiling and competitive nature. Although I won't be able to play quite as much once the holidays are over, I'm looking forward to playing Reflex as regularly as I can. I created a South African server, Moose' Noob Duel [ZAR] - it won't be up all the time but if you're from South Africa (or Africa at all, or any country where you can play with me at acceptable ping) hit me up, I'd LOVE to play. Please please let's keep this game alive.