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  1. Sol

    The identity of Garou EXPOSED

    no it's just one of my friends who tried reflex out in 2015 and thinks most of the community is retarded lol
  2. Sol

    The identity of Garou EXPOSED

    damn, all of mine (((garou)))'s posts are just excessively toxic. i'm not a toxic guy!
  3. Sol

    The identity of Garou EXPOSED

    oh man I guess people don't know what irony is. Me disliking promEUs for being a bad mapmaker and devaluing him for that is akin to this whole drama against ramagan's character. Yeah, he acts like an asshole from time to time. I don't know how it took several people years to establish and solidify this, but kudos. People nowadays just want to whine for days on end. Dislike my post or not, my point still stands that these are timestamps from ages ago and LITERALLY ADULTS are willing to constantly reference the same posts as some sort of means to take away credibility (sorry if you can't understand) from the only person trying actively to fix the game. I love the game, devs, but we need a LITTLE more work. Like it or not, at least RMC has been high quality. Even the promEUs attack squadron couldn't best it. Bravo, reflex community. I too like videogames.
  4. Sol

    The identity of Garou EXPOSED

    is this one of this hilarious post-meta compilations of people who get shittalked over the internet and whine about it for multiple months? Also, should the person who made ruin really be considered as a valid opinion? Just putting that out there devs :()