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  1. If I get it up to 88mph and hit it with 10,000 jigawatts of electricity I'll make it to 2014!
  2. I think you failed to read that I intend to upgrade my card. I completely understand that I need to upgrade my gpu and/or wait for updates. I'm sure you guys will still continue to repeat each other and type in bold to make the same point. That's cool. I was really hoping for sys reqs of 2004.
  3. Being that the market for Reflex is (ex)Quake players, this is a fundamental flaw. Since gratuitous graphics will be turned off by most players anyway, why should the engine inherently require such high sys reqs? In other words: for what the game is, an arena shooter, it should run on the same hardware that runs Quake, UT, etc. I'll eventually upgrade my gpu as a matter of due course anyway, but I still wish to voice my disappointment on this matter. It should be a priority.
  4. I have the same issue: 1fps. Win7 x64, Q9450 cpu, 8 gigs ram, Nvidia geforce 8800gts Other games run fine: planetside2, QL, Q3, etc. I know my video card is dated, but it should run better than this. I've tried with no effect: cl_corpse_time 0.000000 cl_gibs_expire_time 1.000000 cl_gibs_maxcount 1 r_bloom 0 r_dynamic_lights 0 r_dynamic_shadows 0 r_fxaa 0 r_resolution 1024 768 r_showfps 1 r_fullscreen 1 Could someone point me in the right direction? thanks.