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  1. Blustride

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    As a relatively new player to the genre (especially trying to be good), and as someone who hasn't played in a few weeks, frustration with my own skill/lack thereof is a major reason why I'm hesitant to start the game (the game crashing Steam then not actually launching doesn't help, admittedly). I like to think I can aim, but Reflex loves showing me I can't. However, I don't think core mechanics need to be changed. I think the best way to help new players besides more new players to fight against (which isn't something the devs can do) is proper education. As someone else said, the tiered armor thing is huge, but the in-game tutorial doesn't do a great job of making sure the player knows that, and not every player wants to sit through Kovaak's excellent tutorial series that highlights literally everything you need to know to start playing the game. I think the tutorial could be dramatically improved by having a pop-up appear in the training course when you pick up, say, a Green Armor, which tells the player "Hey, this absorbs 50% of incoming damage, and maxes out at 100 armor points", then hit them with a direct rocket to illustrate that. For weapons, it could show the damage and rate of fire, and for the Mega, it could show how quickly damage decays, and when the timer on the Mega restarts. It's very easy to ignore the buttons that show that information in the tutorial, which means players are left clueless. It could also help to force players to complete part of the tutorial (through items and weapons) before allowing them to play competitive matches.
  2. Blustride

    [0.47.5] - Game won't start, and also freezes/crashes Steam

    Late replay, but restarting the Steam Client Service did nothing. The game still crashes steam in the same way it did before.
  3. Blustride

    [0.47.5] - Game won't start, and also freezes/crashes Steam

    If it's still on the first page, it isn't a necro, right? EDIT: this is on the latest build, 0.48, but I had the same experience since at least 0.47.5 Anyways, I've been having the same issue for a while with similar specs, and I've been looking for an answer for a while. I have similar specs to Dawnlazy, which is plenty to run the game. GTX 970, i5-4690k, Windows 7, 144hz Monitor. The game did work for me as well running the executable without Steam running, but crashes Steam and fails to launch the game completely, instead choosing to sit in my task manager doing nothing. I've tried the following: Running as an Admin fresh install game cache verification reinstalling Steam The fresh installation of Steam was interesting. The first time I launched the game after the fresh installation, the window opened and loaded to the splash screen, but stopped responding. It continued to crash as before the subsequent launches. I was able to launch the game before at one point, long enough to get through a few tutorials and get a bit of a feel for the movement, but it started crashing soon afterward. I wonder if the issue is with Nvidia drivers and WIndows 7. That's a common thread between at least these two cases.