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  1. I realize that the rankings will be a bit weird for now because the small amount of players but what distribution are you going for in the ranks?
  2. Starcraft and csgo have different approaches to map pools. Starcraft style is superior if they want to push competitive ladder being a thing.
  3. Learn the map pool, that's just part of the game. You also state that the only purpose of matchmaking is to match you with a similarly skilled player, there is no basis for that. Due to the rankings it looks like they are going for some sort of competitive ladder. Suggest rematch could become a problem for the integrity of the rankings. That map pool system seems way to clunky, the way it is now makes most sense. Just a bunch of maps. What I would like to see is a couple of vetos and map pool rotations at some point. Allowing user run servers to be included in the ranking is just a horrible idea. It brings nothing but problems. Literally. Also option to do warm up on movement maps seems odd, just go on a movement map and warm up if that is what you want to do.
  4. Matchmaking Playlists & Map Pools

    I assume all the 2 player maps will be the duels map pool