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  1. Nagato

    Anyone making WDM5/WDM2 from Warsow?

    I want this.
  2. Nagato

    fullbright and picmip?

    Bump. Hope you devs haven't forgotten about this shit. Is there any way to get rid of the r_lm_clear error "Lighting invalid, please rebuild" ?
  3. Nagato


    Just a little idea I thought would be cool if implemented into reflex. If any of you have played any of the older Call of Duty games or played the Codjumper mod for it you will know what I'm talking about. If not; in Cod4 if you landed on an angled surface at a certain speed you would bounce off it. (The height of the bounce depending on the speed you hit the angled surface) Here's an example: Anyway, I thought this would be awesome if implemented into the game or at least into a defrag/deflex/whateveryouwanttocallit mod/movement mod. It would easily create more movement tricks, variations, and most importantly; more fun
  4. Nagato


    Ranks for duel mm would be better imo. Unless it's a medal for donating or helping out the devs.
  5. Nagato

    [Feature Request] Ping # display.

    Yes god pls. How is this not in the game yet? Something like net_graph 1 would be pretty cool too just like the ping stats in CS
  6. Nagato

    Why I Love This Game

    this website really needs a limit on the size of forums sigs...
  7. Nagato

    ReflexFiles.com - Community Map Database

    Loving the clean layout of the website, would be cool if you could categorize and sort out the different types of maps. Eg. defrag, duel, tdm, surf etc.
  8. Any chance we would be able to get a crosshair resize command in the next update (eg. cl_crosshair_size 1.5)? Rather than having to go through all ^ this trouble for the same xhair?
  9. Nagato

    Introduction Topic

    Nag from Western Australia, Played cod4 promod at a semi professional level then moved to QL after the cod4 and warsow scene died. I love metalcore and making frag movies
  10. Nagato

    Mouse Smoothing?

    +1 Also if your mouse has jitter you shouldn't be relying on smoothing to fix it for you. (You should be relying on the trash can)
  11. Nagato

    cpm22b - A touchup

    all about that post count son
  12. Sexy female announcer voices pls
  13. Nagato

    Mouse Smoothing?

    mouse smoothing is aids mouse smoothing is aids mouse smoothing is aids
  14. Nagato

    cpm22b - A touchup

    Nice, shit crosshair tho l0l
  15. Nagato

    mazudm1 - Dark Amn

    Hardcore mazu loving your youtube videos mate