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    Learn Reflex- A complete tutorial series

    Next tutorial is out! [Reflex Basics 4] Factors that Determine Fights
  2. To celebrate the launch of this series I will be hosting a newbienight Sunday, March 18th! Information : http://forums.reflexarena.com/topic/4729-reflex-newbie-night-announcements/?do=findComment&comment=36884 Reflex itself is an extremely hardcore game, and yet we have such a great new player friendly community. It's something special to have both, and our responsibility to maintain that by investing in future competition and future competitors. These tutorials have been a long term project of mine where I've tried to incorporate everything I've learned from teaching players into a compete series that will give all the guidance necessary to become competitive at Reflex in a short period of time. Thank you to all the new players who indirectly (or directly) helped out with this series. Watching you guys improve at Reflex has been a ton of fun for me. This series is split into [Basics] and [Patterns] sets. Since the goal is providing the best tutorials possible, I will be releasing them in groups so I have the ability to improve the later videos based on feedback. [Basics] [Reflex Basics 1] Getting Started in Reflex [Reflex Basics 2] Introduction to Duel [Reflex Basics 3] Basic Item Play [Reflex Basics 4] Factors that Determine Fights [Reflex Basics 5] The Secret to Improvement [Patterns] [Reflex Patterns 1] Things that Matter in Duel [Reflex Patterns 2] All Starting Spawns [Reflex Patterns 3] The Catalyst Guide [Reflex Patterns 4] Pocket Infinity Guide [Reflex Patterns 5] Furnace Guide Link to Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoszoDtQjpErdTa8k21We228JOwZnkhRV Feel free to ask me any questions on discord and I'll answer as soon as I can - DazedSpartan#3488. If you are a new player, add me on steam and I will help matchmake you with other new players to play- http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042185286 I encourage competitively minded players of all levels to participate in Reflex Monthly Cups- Most importantly: play more Reflex!
  3. DazedSpartan

    Reflex Newbie Night Announcements!

    Announcing Newbie Night 6! We will be playing Sunday, March 18th starting 6:15ish CST! If you know any new players, please send them my way! Participants for the mini tournament must be at the skill level to have reasonably close games with brand new players. We will all be in the newbie nights voice channel : https://discord.gg/b7zXBKj and it will be streamed here : https://go.twitch.tv/dazedspartan We will start with some casual modes while we wait for people to arrive and then we’ll jump into the mini duel tournament. Please sign up here so the brackets are easy : http://challonge.com/5rhqmngw The tournament is limited to 12 participants, so register early! The purpose of newbie nights is to give new players a chance to enjoy the best Reflex has to offer. Hope to see you there! Please message @DazedSpartan#3488 on Discord, Steam, or the forums if you have any questions.
  4. DazedSpartan

    sv_pure poll

    I don't mean to compare Reflex to CS:GO, I mean to compare Reflex to almost any legitimate competitive shooter. The customization options that exist in other competitive arena fps games that you mention are not within the same vein as what is possible in Reflex. Options like fullbrights, visual clutter, colorblind, and r_lm_clear in the case of Reflex, are settings within the base game that are easily accessible and see widespread use. There is a huge difference between these kinds of settings and the unrestricted nature of widgets/lua. Their effects are straightforward, limited, and well known. They are graphics options not unlike a shadows setting, I agree they would not be out of place in Reflex, but that is beside the point. It seems like you are confusing two issues. One being which features should and shouldn't be available and the other being where the line of sv_pure should fundamentally be. Where this line should be drawn is not arbitrary whatsoever. What exists within the base game is acceptable and otherwise not. You are missing an important side effect of sv_pure and also not considering that the current system holds back the base game. We both seem to agree that there are base assets in Reflex that are inadequate like sounds and the crosshair widget. With sv_pure we will both get what we want without the disaster that a whitelist system would cause (that I explained in my first post). There will be the benefits of a whitelist system without one and without the drawbacks. By locking the game to base assets you can be sure that they will be improved quickly. The developers have not been very engaged for some time. The current system not only insulates them from the problems with the game, it prevents them from being pressured into improving anything. The reason there are base elements that are lacking is because people who would complain about it quickly patch them with 3rd party modifications and the developers don't hear about it. I don't think with the current level of development there is any possible way that the issues will be adequately "sorted out" if there is no pressure on the developers to do so. It has been 3 years. Again you are using individual features as a reason to delay or not implement sv_pure, when in reality sv_pure will put the game on a path where we might actually get the features we want inside the base game. This is a bit ridiculous, hardware differences are in the same category as anything in this conversation. To go back to the Olympics analogy, you are arguing that if competitive integrity is a goal then the committee should force athletes to eat a nutrient low diet so that everyone is brought to the level of the North Korean team. I don't think those who want a fair competition should be taunted by not accepting the "inconvenience" of eating poorly in the interest of competitive integrity. You say that the game can never be exactly the same for both players, then bring up equalizing of hardware that is not the game, uncontrollable, and any any attempt to do so would be a joke (as it seems you are suggesting). The game can be the same for both players, the hardware reasonably cannot. Both sides of the tennis court can be easily controlled to be the same for both players, their physical healths reasonably cannot. Despite that, even though the game itself could be locked down to this level, I'm not pushing for the game to be exactly the same for both players. I'm pushing for both players having access to the same options and the ability for each player to have complete knowledge of what the opponent is using. That is what competitive integrity is, it is not related to how much of an advantage a particular in game setting might give. The line for what specific options should exist in the game is a separate issue and you keep mixing the two. Regardless I've already given my opinion on specific options and it seems to match with yours in terms of wanting competitively friendly settings. The competitive integrity issue is straightforward, suggesting that it's somehow my own arbitrary opinion where to draw the line on competitive integrity or that I am not pushing for outrageous hardware equalizing because it somehow doesn't suit me is rude. It's the same as if a politician argues for measures to improve road safety, and then another person suggests that the politician should reasonably also want cars banned in the interest of safety, and then mocks him by suggesting that the politician only doesn't because he owns a car. Dropping the "even playing field argument" has nothing to do with discussing individual configuration things. I don't know why you brought up all the silly hardware arguments if you were just going to finish with something totally reasonable. I know you don't want to lose your timestamps, and maybe once sv_pure is established you and others will successfully argue for the feature to be officially added. Not retaining some 3rd party advantages you might like to is not an argument for an unreasonable implementation of sv_pure that involves some community whitelist. When sv_pure comes, some people will miss their base 25 clock, and others will miss their item timers that worked in competitive. I'm not saying that you are wrong and timestamps would be out of place in Reflex, but the whole point is getting things down to a reasonable place for the first time ever so that features that will appear missing can finally be added in a way that makes sense instead of our current open invitation to cheat town, or players adding features for their own interest in a truly destructive community whitelist effort. In any case, custom modding will live outside of the competitive environment where it belongs. There are plenty of 3rd party customizations that could potentially be added already, and even more will be made. It will all be part of the improvement process of the base game that the currently planned implementation of sv_pure will finally allow. If you open the door to a whitelist system you run into the disastrous and community splitting effects I talked about in my first post. The process must be very controlled on what is added. The best way to promote the right discussions and positive things for the game is to first lock it to a reasonable level, assess the gaps, and then fill them in a conservative way. At this point it will be time to "discuss about every single configuration thing (whether it's sounds, timestamps, r_lm_clear, individual cvars) as a separate issue when it comes to "competitive integrity.""
  5. DazedSpartan

    sv_pure poll

    Region: NA Highest rank achieved in matchmaking: Overlord Do you use any customized widgets/hud elements/particle effects/sounds/: Used to Do you wish to see sv_pure implemented into the competitive ruleset?: Yes Why?Reasoning/Arguments/etc: I think the main thing that needs to be said is just imagine if lua/changing all sounds was possible in cs:go or any legitimate competitive game. You need to look at it from the entire game point of view of how illegitimate any game is with the level of freedom available in Reflex This isn't a community opinion issue, it's a competitive integrity issue. The Olympic committee doesn't consult the Russian team before cracking down on doping Currently possible : http://i.imgur.com/TV6q4kA.gif Sv_pure will lead to an improved base game for everyone. Right now flaws with the base game (weak crosshair widget, poor default sounds, and many more) are masked because anyone who cares just fixes it with 3rd party things. It's a pride issue for the developers to allow that kind of system. It's made difficult from a development point of view when players are able to dodge problems with the base game using 3rd party things. The whole process is not overly accessible and ends up with unpatched gaps in the game like we currently have. It will be very apparent after sv_pure what is lacking in the base game and it will have to be improved instead of masked. I think it will also make certain people realize how good the base game really is. Having a whitelist system like some are suggesting is a shortsighted idea. Here are 3 main reasons: -The largest issue is the management of the whitelist. Who is meant to manage it? The developers are the logical choice, but to be blunt they are so far removed from the community and have a low level of understanding of competitive reflex and would not be capable. So then it moves to them to pick people to do it. Almost any time sv_pure is brought up non tournament/non competitive/low skill players are very involved in the conversation, this is one issue. Others involved in the conversation are additionally invested in lua, they are against it for clear reasons. In these conversations about sv_pure it was typically brought up as exclusively a toggle for tournaments only, and yet even at that point the conversation was dominated by people who never played in a tournament and who will never ever feel the change in their life. As if it wasn't enough, most people including me until recently are uninformed on what customization is available within the default game. Many complain about a lack of customization options available in the default hud that are all actually currently available. Here's the result 5 minutes of tweaking in game hud menus : Default HUD. Not as good as custom HUDs, but again, with sv_pure it will be clear what features are missing. So lets say a group of tournament/competitive players can be selected somehow. Tournament/competitive players are concerned with their own play and not acting in the best interests of the game, so even though they would be qualified they would be bias. It's like letting the fox guard the hen house. Also this group probably wouldn't get along well. A whitelist situation would be a complete disaster, the entire purpose of any kind of pure setting would be ruined by those the change is not relevant to or are just pushing for their own interests. Remember back to the reflexleague days and ruleset wars? Although that was a disaster, a whitelist system for sv_pure could be worse. -Actual competitive players either want to gain an advantage for themselves (pushing for timestamps/zoom on the whitelist for example) or simply care about the game being exactly the same for both players (competitive integrity) and the whitelist option does a worse job of this than an sv_pure option by far. -Competitive players must be competitive players. There cannot be competitive players who use these settings, competitive players who use those settings. In that case it means nothing to be competitive. If tournament organizers/individual servers are the ones who decide the whitelist all this does is create huge conflict, further lower the legitimacy of Reflex in general, and probably cause boycotts that reduce the number of participants in tournaments and split the community. It would end up being a huge political mess with those who don't have the best interests of the game at the forefront. The developers are mistaken about removing r_lm_clear and not caring about competitively friendly screen effects. Blocking r_lm_clear and seemingly not caring about the particles is the kind of mistake that's unnecessary on multiple levels. r_lm_clear is within the base game with it's effect limited and well known (unlike sound modifications or lua for example). This makes it not a competitive integrity issue and outside the scope of sv_pure. It's a terrible idea for the reasons other people have listed, but this isn't about my own opinion. I can understand a reason for blocking it is to promote a better looking game. This will actually have the opposite effect. Removing r_lm_clear will increase the use of clean maps and make the game look worse instead of better. It's easy to go back and make a good player's clips look good for a frag movie by putting on pretty settings and lightmaps, it's impossible to do this if people are playing on clean maps. It also gives decent players even less of a reason to play MM and backs tournament organizers into a corner. Do tournament organizers try to make Reflex look good by banning clean maps and lose participants? Or do they allow light maps and let Reflex look ugly on stream but not lose participants? The consequences are high without purpose when the fix is simple. r_lm_clear is not as accessable as it should be. Even in newbie nights one of the first questions people ask is "why is catalyst so dark and how do I fix it my gamma is already turned up all the way." Gamma is not a substitute for r_lm_clear. There should be options in the menu for Draw Lightmap [ ] and Minimal Particles [ ]. Sv_pure should be unpopular with babies and cheaters, not with actual competitive players. Sv_pure is a turning point for Reflex in the right direction. There is now clearly defined competitive vs casual rulesets and the game is able to be taken seriously. It's a very healthy development. Not welcoming this change seems unreasonable considering we've had free reign to modify for 3 years. There will still be lua and customization development by the community, but this time the developers have a reason to pay attention and add them to improve the base game.
  6. Announcing Newbie Night 5! We will be playing Sunday, February 11th starting 6:15ish CST! If you know any new players, please send them my way! Participants for the mini tournament must be at the skill level to have reasonably close games with brand new players. As for some previous newbienights players who are too strong for this now, I have something else planned for you guys. We will all be in the newbie nights voice channel : https://discord.gg/b7zXBKj and it will be streamed here : https://go.twitch.tv/dazedspartan We will start with some casual modes while we wait for people to arrive and then we’ll jump into the mini duel tournament. Please sign up here so the brackets are easy : http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/b61Gb2QuZv The tournament is limited to 10 participants, so register early! The purpose of newbie nights is to give new players a chance to enjoy the best Reflex has to offer. Hope to see you there! Please message @DazedSpartan3488 on Discord, Steam, or forums if you have any questions.
  7. DazedSpartan

    Custom Ruleset Poll

    Region : NA Highest reached rank in Matchmaking : Overlord Have you played games on the custom ruleset : Yes Have you watched games played on the custom ruleset : Yes Do you wish to see the changes proposed by the custom ruleset implemented into the current competitive ruleset ? : Yes Why ? I played the ruleset almost exclusively over the live game since exp plus's return and experienced most of its iterations in high level duels. When I first played on the exp plus ruleset against a mid level player, I barely noticed any difference and it didn't feel any better. Once I dueled against some better players on the ruleset I was surprised at how much more fun it was than the current live ruleset. We had the best duels in recent memory, and the quality of the ruleset has mostly improved since then. It changes playstyle at the top level without being very noticeable in lower level games. The individual changes of the ruleset are all minor and do not change the core gameplay. The cumulative effect of these small tweaks is a change the incentives for players who constantly look to make optimal decisions in duel. The appeal of reflex for its biggest fans has always been the love of the game and the strive for improvement. Replacing the current ruleset with this improved version would go a long way in showing that the developers still share this sentiment. This exp plus ruleset does a much better job at creating healthy incentives than the current comp one. Hard cycling and attacking into bad fights with higher stack is rewarded often the current ruleset. This exp plus ruleset allows in control and out of control players to punish braindead play like this and makes for much more engaging duels at the top level. An important thing to understand is that the ruleset does not change the game, every option and playstyle seen in the current comp ruleset is possible in exp plus. All it changes are the incentives, and only those at a high level will be taking advantage of the changes. Top level duelers are not as concerned with what playstyle is fun, they are more concerned with which playstyle is most effective. Meaning top level players are simply at the mercy of the ruleset because it determines which type of decisions are rewarded and punished. If current comp rewards a certain playstyle, top players are going to play closer to that. The exp plus ruleset changes what is punished and what is rewarded, thereby bringing the optimal playstyle closer to a playstyle that creates fun and engaging duels. The effects of the ruleset are difficult to notice for the majority reflex players, and that’s a good thing. Having witnessed a lot of feedback on the ruleset I can say that almost all responses have been positive or some form of "I can't tell the difference." It makes sense that the effect of the ruleset change increases along with the skill level of the duel. Considering the vast range in skill levels in reflex, the majority of players will be barely affected by the differences in the exp plus ruleset, and that is why it is safe to implement. It improves the most important level of play in reflex and does not change mid and low level play significantly. After seeing the exp plus ruleset develop as a result of the feedback of dozens of players, it seems like rama ruleset is not really the best name for these changes. The effects of individual changes are not often clear, so the ruleset went through many iterations and was tested by a wide range of playstyles before being used in the tournaments. The final ruleset is not based on any one player’s opinion. It was tested by most of the active good players. Since reflex is highly competitive, some criticisms of the ruleset are completely understandable. However, considering the number of players involved, the amount of suggestions that were implemented, and the difficulty of understanding the cumulative effects of so many small changes, it is laughable to say that the ruleset was created specifically to favor a certain playstyle. I can say with complete confidence that this ruleset was created out of passion for the game. However, the ruleset is not perfect. For example, the strength of A-D strafing continues to create inconsistency in fights, and this current version of exp plus does nothing to fix it. Regardless, this ruleset is a far improvement over the current comp. The work has already been done here, the ruleset is tested in tournaments and proven to be well received, and the only thing left is for it to be added.
  8. DazedSpartan

    [dp5] furnace

    After seeing this map a whole lot in the dp5 masters tourney I have a suggestion for it. Seems like a large amount of frustration is caused by the linked teles between mega and lg yellow room. People spamming or going back and forth fast is not fun because it's frustrating for the in control player and unsatisfying for the out of control player with such a chance for telefrags. If the teleport exit point on the megahealth side was moved a little further towards the mega it would mean that it would take a second to go back through the tele. This change would also reduce accidental hopping back and forth in a chaotic fight for less randomness overall. Def seemed to like the idea and wanted to know what you guys thought.