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  1. Custom Ruleset Poll

    Region : NA Highest reached rank in Matchmaking : Overlord Have you played games on the custom ruleset : Yes Have you watched games played on the custom ruleset : Yes Do you wish to see the changes proposed by the custom ruleset implemented into the current competitive ruleset ? : Yes Why ? I played the ruleset almost exclusively over the live game since exp plus's return and experienced most of its iterations in high level duels. When I first played on the exp plus ruleset against a mid level player, I barely noticed any difference and it didn't feel any better. Once I dueled against some better players on the ruleset I was surprised at how much more fun it was than the current live ruleset. We had the best duels in recent memory, and the quality of the ruleset has mostly improved since then. It changes playstyle at the top level without being very noticeable in lower level games. The individual changes of the ruleset are all minor and do not change the core gameplay. The cumulative effect of these small tweaks is a change the incentives for players who constantly look to make optimal decisions in duel. The appeal of reflex for its biggest fans has always been the love of the game and the strive for improvement. Replacing the current ruleset with this improved version would go a long way in showing that the developers still share this sentiment. This exp plus ruleset does a much better job at creating healthy incentives than the current comp one. Hard cycling and attacking into bad fights with higher stack is rewarded often the current ruleset. This exp plus ruleset allows in control and out of control players to punish braindead play like this and makes for much more engaging duels at the top level. An important thing to understand is that the ruleset does not change the game, every option and playstyle seen in the current comp ruleset is possible in exp plus. All it changes are the incentives, and only those at a high level will be taking advantage of the changes. Top level duelers are not as concerned with what playstyle is fun, they are more concerned with which playstyle is most effective. Meaning top level players are simply at the mercy of the ruleset because it determines which type of decisions are rewarded and punished. If current comp rewards a certain playstyle, top players are going to play closer to that. The exp plus ruleset changes what is punished and what is rewarded, thereby bringing the optimal playstyle closer to a playstyle that creates fun and engaging duels. The effects of the ruleset are difficult to notice for the majority reflex players, and that’s a good thing. Having witnessed a lot of feedback on the ruleset I can say that almost all responses have been positive or some form of "I can't tell the difference." It makes sense that the effect of the ruleset change increases along with the skill level of the duel. Considering the vast range in skill levels in reflex, the majority of players will be barely affected by the differences in the exp plus ruleset, and that is why it is safe to implement. It improves the most important level of play in reflex and does not change mid and low level play significantly. After seeing the exp plus ruleset develop as a result of the feedback of dozens of players, it seems like rama ruleset is not really the best name for these changes. The effects of individual changes are not often clear, so the ruleset went through many iterations and was tested by a wide range of playstyles before being used in the tournaments. The final ruleset is not based on any one player’s opinion. It was tested by most of the active good players. Since reflex is highly competitive, some criticisms of the ruleset are completely understandable. However, considering the number of players involved, the amount of suggestions that were implemented, and the difficulty of understanding the cumulative effects of so many small changes, it is laughable to say that the ruleset was created specifically to favor a certain playstyle. I can say with complete confidence that this ruleset was created out of passion for the game. However, the ruleset is not perfect. For example, the strength of A-D strafing continues to create inconsistency in fights, and this current version of exp plus does nothing to fix it. Regardless, this ruleset is a far improvement over the current comp. The work has already been done here, the ruleset is tested in tournaments and proven to be well received, and the only thing left is for it to be added.
  2. [dp5] furnace

    After seeing this map a whole lot in the dp5 masters tourney I have a suggestion for it. Seems like a large amount of frustration is caused by the linked teles between mega and lg yellow room. People spamming or going back and forth fast is not fun because it's frustrating for the in control player and unsatisfying for the out of control player with such a chance for telefrags. If the teleport exit point on the megahealth side was moved a little further towards the mega it would mean that it would take a second to go back through the tele. This change would also reduce accidental hopping back and forth in a chaotic fight for less randomness overall. Def seemed to like the idea and wanted to know what you guys thought.