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  1. yakcyll~

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    The heck is this question? Is this Quake Live? I think the patch notes are kind of telling too.
  2. yakcyll~

    Widgets/Addons and what is considered cheating?

    Svyt told me about it just recently too, there's no custom armor type sounds in Quake, so if you used the comp pack, they all had the same sound. Either gotta revert to the original ones or change the pitch of each.
  3. yakcyll~

    Proving Grounds

    If you're constantly gonna keep trying to avoid getting your ass whooped based on some premonitions about potential skills of other players, you won't learn very fast or very much, nor will your feedback be very valuable. In my opinion the possibility of actually winning more games because of more and more people, who haven't played them before, trying these maps out is good enough. All in your mind.
  4. yakcyll~

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    On a subject different than newbies, Reflex needs more NTF, Instafreezetag, dropitem/dropflag/droppickup, controlling weapon/item spawn times and server-side control of widgets. And an official Amphi remake, thanks.
  5. yakcyll~

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    What kind of bollocks reasoning is this? Did it cross your mind cashing in on millions requires shaking the game up and moving it away from what makes it worth playing for those who do enjoy it? If one's so big on esports, they can just go play other titles that focus solely on cashing in. No user-friendly feature will make it a blockbuster and expecting a three (four?) man team to kickstart a business of the scale you seem to be dreaming of is just unrealistic.
  6. yakcyll~

    How can I 1v1 my steam friend?

    1) Just grab your external IP (through whichever whatismyip service, google) and make sure the port you host the server on is open on your router. 2) ```connect ip:port <password>``` 3) Same as 1), except instead of hosting a dedicated server you go through 'host a game' in the client.
  7. yakcyll~

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    The only reason to play any AFPS is self improvement. People really did appreciate that factor a lot more back a decade than now, which is why Q3 and derivatives could flourish then. Nowadays nobody cares about being wrecked around, so they go for easier, more approachable and casualized titles where they feel like they can win no matter how much effort they put in. If it feels too hard, nobody will watch it, hence there will be no esports and no further following, because games succeed nowadays by building up fame. CPMA, and soon Reflex, has a fame of super wacky shit for nerdy tryhards - you can't build a following around this. And that is ok. If you feel like gameplay is shit, these games are not for you. It's highly unfair to call Quake Champions an Arena FPS, because the genre has been defined by titles you may find classical and obsolete and QC is a far cry from them. Changing up the formula for the sake of refreshing it is not what 'refreshing' is, you're essentially doing something else. If you find QC fun, go play it - don't whine that Reflex is boring or whatever, just accept that the game is not for you. It's a medium you can express yourself in, a set of tools to explore yourself in a both entertaining and challenging way. There's been so many dumbed down titles that came out along the years, surely there must be a fit to be found there? Another note: I was highly surprised by the fact that there's been so many people (many in terms of AFPS, which is like a couple) in awe over old fragmovies from VQ3/CPM playing on ddk's stream last evening. Turns out people do not understand how fun these games can be, just get to listen to OW/QC shilling and how old games are boring/filled with tryhards. If you really want to help Reflex grow, how about trying to not be such an ass in chats and forums and making a good impression on those who care only about impressions and experiences? A lot of good technical suggestions have been thrown around, I'm totally down with better interactive introductions and explanations for how to play and win in certain modes. The armor thing that's been flying around lately is a major thing, turns out. Good marketing will go a long way too.
  8. yakcyll~

    Looking to use the projectile sniper.

    Just bind x weapon 9, since you don't talk by default by typing in console like in Q3, there's no need for a separate character prefix.
  9. yakcyll~

    Looking to use the projectile sniper.

    In the console! bind button weapon 9 is a console command; Stake Launcher is not available for general binding, since it's only available in an experimental ruleset that you have to explicitly vote for in a server.
  10. yakcyll~

    Matchmaking punishes you for winning.

    That's how ELO works, always been this way - the increase/decrease of rank depends on the winner and the difference between participants. Sure, one can argue that it doesn't suit a small playerbase very well. Your particular example doesn't work very well however, since the number of points is inversely proportional to the number of players in a particular point range; it's the same thing in Dota for example, where you see 8k, 9k MMR players only getting five points per game won, but losing up to forty points per game lost. And, in my opinion, the higher rank you are, the less it matters, since people who get there mostly care about getting good opponents and good games rather than how many imaginary points they acquire.
  11. yakcyll~

    1.0.7 launching reflex crashes VLC

    Change your video renderer in VLC to something different than DirectX/DirectDraw.
  12. yakcyll~

    Rcon features?

    My guess (no time to test it): set rcon_password on server, set the same rcon_password in client, set rcon_address in client (include gameport if not default), rcon command. I'll verify this later if nobody else confirms it in the meantime.
  13. yakcyll~

    Rockets, how do you feel about them?

    My 0.02$ is that rockets are generally fine: damage is fine, splash is fine, knockback could be a tad bigger for the control/fun factor.
  14. yakcyll~

    Easy Race Maps server

    You can do callvote nextmap on it; callvote map is unfortunately not allowed, but if Jaguar downloaded the map files onto the server, he could also enable it so that available maps would show when autocompleting callvote map (not sure about this part though).
  15. yakcyll~

    FFA and Quick Play/Matchmaking

    In all honesty, if somebody gets stomped in an arena fps for ten games and then gives it a bad review, then they should not be allowed to become a reviewer in the first place. Auto bronze won't work very well for exactly the same reason - vets will have to pummel through new players anyway. Sure, this at least disperses the pummeling, but I think losing these couple games will make them appreciate their wins more later. And let's stop treat newcomers like special snowflakes already, if they aren't prepared to lose, then they won't stick around anyway (vide Tim Willits' comment on fifteen losers in an FFA game). You can make it less of a 'get rekt' experience of course, but putting too much emphasis on that will have a much different effect.