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  1. 0100003040200

    Solution manual for Reflextrain map of promEUs

    I will try and do an official tutorial for you sometime soon, got a lot of things going right now but I'll make sure to do one so it helps you and other new players! I do have few videos on that map but none of them explain how I did any of the jumps and/or routes so it would be silly to post a video here of me breaking the record when you and other new players won't even understand how I did it. Peace out!
  2. 0100003040200

    Announcing the Reflex Arena launch date!

    410k+ to be exact. But then again, it has been released since 2014, whereas Diabotical hasn't been released and raised 160k in 3 - 4 days. Once it goes on steam, more people will buy it and I can guarantee you that it will make more money than Reflex. My point is, Diabotical has enough money and manpower to create a game that has more features already and is a lot more polished than Reflex. Also, @lolograde I was not comparing Diabotical with QC at any point in my post, I said that Reflex will not be able to compete with either one. Moreover, you would be surprised about Diabotical, the stuff that James is showing on stream is just small bits to show the community that they are constantly working but there's a lot more than that done already. If I were to say which game is more finished at this moment right now, Diabotical is far ahead of the game. That's the reality. Another concern of mine is the fact that Shooter and Erectro do not know where they are going with the gameplay. @Ramagan's ruleset is really good for MM but it seems like devs think they know better from what I heard. "There's fucktons of maps" yeah, there is FUCKTONS of maps that have no fucking art whatsoever, do you really think it will appeal to the wider audience? No. Unfortunately, people nowadays look at graphics and if they don't like solid colors without any meshes or anything, they will easily drop the game. I constantly see people referring to Reflex as an fps Minecraft because they don't see enough of visually nice maps being produced in Reflex.
  3. 0100003040200

    Announcing the Reflex Arena launch date!

    Cool, nice upcoming release but there are so many issues that are not fixed or addressed yet and people just seem to be happy that the game is being released in few days. I am not going to sweet talk the developers and would rather stay skeptical towards the subject of the game release. If I'm wrong about any of the points I make in this post, feel free to tell me so I can either remove the point or rephrase it. List of major issues: Sound system: I don't have to elaborate on it, everyone knows it's completely fucked and a placeholder. It's been said numerous of times by you guys (since 2015) that you are planning on working on a proper sound system from the very beginning of 2016. It's fucking 2017 already. I get it, there are other things you need to focus on doing but implementation of sound system is vital for everyone as a player before releasing the actual game. Again, if that's going to come with the release, great! UI: This shit hasn't been developed for any modes despite duel. New users either don't know about widgets, how they work and/or are forced to download them, which shouldn't be the case. Whenever you decide to play ATDM, CTF, TDM or any team mode game, new players are forced to use the same UI that has been designed for duel. The easiest fix for that is if you don't have enough time, make Qualx's hud the default one as it fits all the game modes (if I'm not mistaken). Leaderboards: I know you said you will be releasing leader boards but you haven't elaborated whether it's only going to be for duels or all game modes such as Race, ATDM, TDM, CTF etc. Maps: It would be great to see more official maps for ATDM, TDM and CTF. I am aware a lot of people are working on them at the very moment, polishing them gameplay wise as well as art wise but I personally don't think we have enough maps for the new players to choose from. In-game Tutorial: Fairly disappointing. There is no direct approach and mode of address to the new players as they are only put in a room made full of boxes where there is also no art. There is no narrator who would be so much better than the text in the middle of the screen. It feels super-rushed. There is enough people in the community who are willing to redesign the tutorial map and probably do a voice over. It's all in your reach guys, you just have to ask for it. Push to talk: Where's the in-game push to talk? It would benefit the AFPS genre so much instead of using binds for team modes or any modes for that matter. It's time to get out of the 1999. Also, the kickstarter supporter weapon. Really? I would have thought you would put more effort into actually creating a custom weapon for all the supporters to make it unique rather then using already made wrench but making it gold. Not a lot of people care about cosmetics but if you really want to show your gratitude to people that supported your project since .25 untill .50, you should have made something a lot more special. P.S. This is directly to @Necrophag1st "To everyone saying it's too early for full release - do you really think they'd be dumb enough to wait even longer and risk competing with Quake Champions and Diabotical?" Dude, do you really think it would make difference for Reflex? I am not trying to sound rude but rather reasonable. Both QC and Diabotical have more than 10 people working on the game with resources that allow them to create a game full of features. Whether Reflex would be released now or in couple of months, I highly doubt that it would make any difference to its playerbase. There is no competition, not even slight competition between Reflex and QC/Diabotical. This is not Shooter's or Erectro's fault, it's purely the people and resources that they are lacking.
  4. 0100003040200

    Reflex Race - Movements x wh1te .

    So... I decided to make vol.2 of my race compilation. The runs were made over the past two weeks and Jaguar has definitely motivated me to do a sequel to the first movie Reflex Race - Simplicity x wh1te. I wasn't sure enough whether I had enough time to make it but I wanted to also extend my portfolio so I just sat down, thought of an idea and this is how I created this piece. I also took into consideration the criticism that Simplicity has received and worked on improving my overall edit which allows to make it more cinematic and using soundtracks that are not very distracting and go with the overall flow x wh1te.