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    What's up with TDM

    weapon drop is a good way to compensate this. and dropped backpacks instead dropped weapons after enemy kill. this way its bit less complex ammo system than in qw, because u have drop weapon, but its teamplay wise more demanding than ql, as enemy drops only backpacks. edit: play more tdm

    Reflex 0.36 Preview

    really lookin forward to this update... possible in future to sell different weapon skins and stuff? when people flaming standart ones... give them new to buy.. hhh )))))

    0.33.5 - 27th April, 2015

    nice to see u do updates on a regular basis, the whole development team does a great job, reflex feels awesome to play! can't await for more tdm related changes to come! keep doin your work guys! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhZxnu8U3q0 edit: 'These will probably need a nerf next update, but we'll see how they play for this week.' - next update already next week? nice!

    tdmpickup-channel? +propz for newborn and team

    So looking forward when there is teamoverlay and stuff.

    tdmpickup-channel? +propz for newborn and team

    anyone could make a bot to add 4on4 tdm games for #reflexpickup.eu like there is one for #tdmpickup? until there is elo we could just use it to gather 8 people and 2 strongest will be captains choosing teams. oldschool. this way there could emerge a small little tdm community already even before all the tdm related things will be implemented. had this night again plenty of 2on2's and 4on4's. reflex tdm best! favourite maps so far for 2on2 aswell as 4on4: xfdm2 thcdm6 thcdm14 edit: instead weapondrop, ammodrop like in q2. this way weaponcontroll is important but also shamanic ammo taking will be rewarded. boththings +2 teamplay

    tdmpickup-channel? +propz for newborn and team

    Instead weapon dropping, weapon controll should be much more important. and only drop backpacks ))
  7. I bought game on release and played a week and then wanted to wait till tdm is playable. picked up game few days ago again and the recent updates made this game flow sooo nice. played already few 2on2 and 4on4 public tdm games on usa and europe servers.. people really seem to like it, even if game finished to zero score.. they want to improve. dev team has really done great job to make a FUN game. all those small things like high visibility settings with 1 click and such are really great little improvements for option overlay. suggestions: - add setting for team/enemycolor in options(many guys were confused first who to shoot. and probably some small notification during warmup to not shoot own team ))))) - add teamoverlay - add option to mapcreator for item location area names - make rockets and grenades same ammo but increase to 100 - add backpacks - add ammoboxes + increase weapon pickup time(don't know if 30 would be to long for public, probably 15 or 20?) - add option for mapcreator to implement lift's + buttons to activate traps and topic question: I know there is a pickup channel(forgot name tho), but what about the bot? anyone could do such thing? I am so looking forward to first reflex 4on4 tdm game!

    Tiered Armor re-balance?

    IF everybody would be only shooting you, there shouldn't be any problem to pick up armor again, as it would decrease your current armor, if you get shot by different people. and when you are playing ffa on a 8 man server, it's 1) not the point to deny all armors on the map. to pick up a tiered red armor would be perfect balanced advantage and your armor will get down anyway because you will get shot by multiple enemies as you already mentioned and so you will be able to pick up a different armor again. and for tdm the tiered armor system is pretty perfect. and 2) IF you would be able to deny all armors on a map from 7 different enemies in a ffa game, the matchmaking would have failed.

    Add ammo boxes to maps asap! :)

    +1 for backpacks

    Tiered Armor re-balance?

    this is implying, that this certain feature(armor system) is somehow broken. don't get me wrong, I am allways for trying out new, different things( otherwise I wouldnt play this game in the first place instead of quake. but with this certain feature, I see the harm, that my favourite mode( tdm, which I am playing since 15 years now) gets somehow "dumbed down" or "casualised". there will be so many more modes or opportunities to change things and go different directions, why begin with THE hardcore mode? tdm was till 2000 and even till 2003ish THE mode where it is.. remember early usa vs europe battles in quakeworld? that wasnt duel nor ctf or any other mode, it was pure classic 4on4 tdm, the ultimate test of skill concerning pure skill and teamplay in a deathmatch game. but what I basically wanted to say: many people already demand many different game modes, why necessarily change THE purest skilltest for teams in a deathmatch in an extreme way it's played, when certainly not the mode is broken, just the lack of players playing arenashooters generally prevents tdm to rise again? there are many modes which are more "fun-based" rather than competitive, where you can try many new things concerning core gameplay(implement team fortress style modes aka weapons factory arena or action quake 2 like modes). but changing the core teammode of deathmatch games in such an extreme way will more harm than do any good just because it was changed because it CAN be change(but probably shouldnt be..)

    Tiered Armor re-balance?

    I don't think you should change EVERYTHING, just because it's different to something older... when there are enough options added to the game to play some proper tdm-matches, it should be first checked if the "old"(as in current) tiered armor system probably just fits perfect to reflex tdm and not disregard it, just because of the fact, that there are ideas for something newer(not necessarily better)...

    Tiered Armor re-balance?

    please no, would like to see tdm going back to it's roots with getting weaponcontrol etc like in qw..

    Tiered Armor re-balance?

    first of all, dreamhack dropped quake live in 2013, but is supporting casual-games like hearthstone, lol and dota 2 and is presenting them as "e-sports". so your argument: "look what dreamhack does, so it must be right!" is completely wrong, as they are supporting a casual-playerbase, because that's where the money is. next point is, they played vanilla quake live, which is an even more dumbed down version of quake 3. quake and quake 2 both had tiered armors, less starthealth, weak spawnweapon etc.. for quake 3 they dumbed down the game and made it newb-friendly by giving 125 hp starthealth, increasing damage of the spawnweapon(which made ffa and tdm a complete cess-mess), using dumbed down armor system etc... for quake live they nerfed for example rail and lg, nerfed quad(read: 4x)-damage to 3x etc pp.. all to prevent newbs getting spawnkilled and whine about it in forums

    Tiered Armor re-balance?

    I think you should wait till there are options for organized teamgames to check it out, as tiered armors worked great in quakeworld and quake 2 ffa- and tdm-games.

    Official Weapon Thread.

    the core-statement was: and I think ranked games should all have the same weapon- and armorsettings. and if ppl want to play around with all possbile settings on their servers, they should be marked as unranked/not standard ruleset in the serverbrowser.