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    Engine 2

    NICE !
  2. Goulox

    SushiFlex Mapping Competition

    t7 is the aerowalk of reflex
  3. Goulox

    LAN Map Pack

    Hey I created a LAN map pack for people that want play the game on a local network with their friends. Since you cannot access the steam workshop it can be annoying to save all the maps you want to play beforehand. So the map pack contains 84 of the best community maps selected among every modes. I've edited the modes of the maps in order to make the in-game votemap list usable for people that don't know the game and maps. I also created a rotation file for every mode. Also I did a small guide about how to play Reflex on LAN : https://www.plusforward.net/reflex/post/54782/Reflex-Arena-LAN-setup-Guide-Map-Pack/. You can find the map list on this page.
  4. Goulox

    LAN Map Pack

    @Sharqosity yes indeed. If someone have other map suggestions for any modes, just put it here. I'll do an update of the map pack then.
  5. Hey, Lately in my experience I noticed it's more efficient to find games on steam than in discord. But everyone don't have all the remaining active players in their friend list. So, for people that wanna try the new steam feature, I've created a group for reflex players to find games : https://s.team/chat/CByKMzD0 cheers
  6. Goulox

    COMMUNITY VOTE | Sushi Mapping Competition

    I'm very surprised there is no xy10. I voted no instead of yes and cannot change it.
  7. Fix the rankings page of MM. Remove every players from rankings calculation that have their last results older than 100d (or 6 months for example). This is pointless to keep the rankings with these inactive accounts. Display the number of players who are currently queued for a each game mode in mm.
  8. Goulox

    gt5 - Driven

    Nice. good vid, we can see plenty of possible routes.
  9. Goulox

    Reflex Monthly Cups

    It could make sense to just add Abandoned Shelter and also keep ruin. This, together with the new map picking system would improve the variety of map played. I like this new system because it should reward players that are more versatile, that can adapt and play different play-styles on different maps, and it punish players that just over-learn one or two maps. Like people in QL that can just play aero/ztn. that's bad. In my opinion we could just make the map pool grow and keep maps that play decently good like ruin.
  10. Goulox

    Improving the handicap mutator

    One of the reason the current system doesn't work is because (correct me if I'm wrong) the players that has the lowest score gets a spawn armor and health boost, even if it is the better player. This is not good, the handicap must target one particular player, whatever the score is.
  11. Hello! For people who don't know about it, Plus Forward is a community website dedicated to ArenaFPs. It is quite a comprehensive platform for people to gather information about such games : you can post news, articles, guides, movies, etc. On top of that, there is a database of tournaments and matches with a nice looking interface. So, I think this is an awesome place to gather content about reflex. That's why I decided a while ago to add more content and to keep the reflex part of the website updated, as other players did before me. I think publishing content about the game this is a good way to keep it alive, to raise the interest and motivation for players. You have a game filter on the website so that you are able to display only the reflex related data in all categories : https://www.plusforward.net/reflex/ (you can also create an account, and select your games preferences, as well as other parameters such as theme) Here are some examples of the pages you can find : Guides : https://www.plusforward.net/reflex/guides/ Movies : https://www.plusforward.net/reflex/movies/ VODs : https://www.plusforward.net/reflex/vods/ Events : https://www.plusforward.net/reflex/events/ Matches : https://www.plusforward.net/reflex/matchlist/ Players profile : for example Vigur's one https://www.plusforward.net/player/1800/Vigur/10/Reflex/results/ Rankings : https://www.plusforward.net/reflex/rankings/10/Reflex/24/Duel/ : pretty cool. it gathered the data from all reflex matches logged in the website (but only displayed active players with 5 or more matches) Participate in tournaments, and make it grow ! The tournament pages contains lots of info : participants, rankings, challonge brackets (integrated), matches, statistics (about maps, but it requires accurate matches results logging ) For example, this is from the last RMC cup page : So don't hesitate to visit this website to keep updated with reflex intense activity , and to give feedback. I think we could gather in this website some more old content also, like videos & guides, as it is done here or also on this thread : ---> If you want to help contributing to the site : news & articles writing, logging stuff, correct a mistake, share some content, or whatever feel free to contact me on discord : @goulox#6374. Any ideas are welcome to improve. cheers!
  12. Goulox

    Reflex Arena on Plus Forward

    Here's a news post about 1.2 release : https://www.plusforward.net/reflex/post/47042/Reflex-Arena-12-released/
  13. Goulox

    Reflex 1.2.0beta

    The new art for Abandonned Shelter is great ! It's nice and clean. gj
  14. Goulox

    Reflex 1.2.0beta

    Great update guys !
  15. Goulox

    What is Navlink?

    It is some sort of checkpoints for the bots, afaik it enables to specify some paths that cannot be automatically generated when you built the navigation in the editor, such as for tele or jumps. Dunno how it works exactly though.
  16. Goulox

    List of useful links

    maybe you can add : https://www.plusforward.net/reflex/ Lots of reflex content there : news, movies, VODs, tournaments.
  17. Goulox

    sv_pure poll

    "blinding" is not really the adapted word to describe what is going on when someone shoots at you with plasma gun. But yes, I think this is normal (in a certain limit ofc) that plenty of energy projectiles coming in front of your face kind of obstruct your vision a bit. The fact that projectiles are visible and therefore can alter the enemy's vision under certain circonstances is not so shocking.
  18. Goulox

    sv_pure poll

    I can't see any problem with the blinding effect of plasma/IC in certain cases, as mentioned by @Jaguar and @xLuftwaffel. As long as it is the same for both players, I don't understand how it can be a problem. You can consider the blinding power of these weapons as a feature, just like knockback for example. It becomes a problem only as soon as someone remove it to gain advantage. And it is always the same for every tweaks of this kind in order to be able to see/hit more. Some people are playing games 800x600 in 2018 to hit more efficiently. I think this is kind of ridiculous.
  19. Goulox

    sv_pure poll

    Region: EU Highest rank achieved in matchmaking: gold Do you use any customized widgets/hud elements/particle effects/sounds/: goa's hud, brandon's awards&killfeeds, timestamps, nameplates Do you wish to see sv_pure implemented into the competitive ruleset?: Yes Why?Reasoning/Arguments/etc: I agree that gaming experience must be as close as possible for two different players. As Kyto said, there are already and there will always be differences that are impossible to fix. This is not a reason to be permissive, on the contrary we should not add even more bias to competitive experience with a game that relies heavily on configuration and tweaks to gain advantage over other players. In my opinion sounds must not be changed, it is too important in duel. Also for all settings regarding visibility. It should be forbidden to delete visual effects in order to gain advantage. It's ok to be able to customize the game according to preferences, but the tweaking-game is a shitty metagame that I don't wanna be a part of.
  20. Goulox

    [race] rr_smile3

  21. Because flying is better than not flying.
  22. yes, but carnage is fun. So it should remain accessible for beginners. A better idea might be to make it spawn at random times in casual games (ex.between 30s and 90s), and why not in random locations also.
  23. Good in general, but I am also a bit dubious for the server browser removal. I would rather see the removal of casual MM coupled with an improvement of matchmaking for multi : lobby/chat room where you can see all queued players and their rank; and discuss, and create a party,etc.
  24. Goulox

    Ishdm12 - Angarr's Gate

    An article I made about this on +Forward : https://www.plusforward.net/reflex/post/38106/Reflex-new-map-"Angarrs-Gate"-mapper-interview/ Thx to Promeus & Irish, and Tsarenir for feedback.
  25. Goulox

    Replay Editor Guide

    I was looking for this. thx.