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  1. Dexter

    Replay file binary format

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, I got with Qualx and am all set.
  2. Dexter

    Replay file binary format

    Hi, Im working on a simple web front-end for replays on a server, however I'd like to get basic information out of the header of the replay and was wondering if anyone has figured out the structure. I have already seen this thread but it is not open: If no one has I will do so myself with full anticipation it will likely break with patches. I am only after player names, game mode, map and maybe duration
  3. Dexter

    Reflex Demos from Community Servers

    Hi, I have a server that records replays: US (chicago) | fragged.online | | Dexter | fragged.online (WIP)
  4. this is a really good idea. is there anyway to display text for a short description of what the player needs to do to progress in the game yet? i think a one liner would be helpful for new players
  5. Dexter


    just dueled this once, the scale is pretty good overall from what I can tell, only a few spots feel a little too tight now with reflex movement