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    +attack is on mouse2 now, and I can't get it on mouse1

    Yes, the fov settings widget, for zooming, it was bound to mouse1... I unbound that one, and now this works. Thanks!
  2. I've tried restarting the game because I thought it was a temporary error, but it didn't help. When I tried to go through the menu, then binding it to mouse1 would accept it at first, and then as I was exiting from the menu back into the game, I would see the mouse1 flicker into (unbound). Then I tried from the console, and it still just doesn't accept mouse1, screenshot attached. Binding it to mouse2 works fine.
  3. I am not Mike

    Why was this game created?

    Yea I did, as soon as Lorim proposed it. i didn't know about refunds earlier (I wish I did tho, I have some other stuff I wish I could still refund now). I already surpassed the 2 hours, and I like the game, so I'm here for good now
  4. I am not Mike

    Why do you play Reflex?

    Well, thought I'd chip in as a newcomer. I don't feel like opening a new thread just for my own experiences, so I'll use this opportunity to also list everything I like and dislike about the game at first glance. I've been playing for 3 days now. Basically, I came to Reflex because I've been told in another topic that it's possible to get a refund if I don't like a game. Normally, I hate the idea of paying for something that isn't finished yet. And now that I'm here, coming from Quake, the reason I stayed is basically just that it's prettier. In specific, I like that the plasma gun is finally a cool weapon (in Quake plasma looks and sounds so childishly ugly that I feel like a little girl using it), grenades are finally usable (they seem to have a larger "hitbox", so you CAN actually hit someone with it when that's all you have off a fresh spawn, as opposed to just throwing it like confetti and then dying), I like the sounds, I like the visual style, I like how the warmup lobby works. The things I don't like are the fact that the air control seems to be the only option(?) (i was more a fan of the "non-CPMA" movement), that there is no zoom (because now railgun is almost unusable for me since it's way harder to hit long-range, and it's too long of a reload time to use short-range), that there is no slow walk (harder to drop on small ledge, or peek down edges), there doesn't seem to be a way to view chat history (once a chat messages fades out, it's gone forever?), and that armours and weapons look transparent on the map! (they look as if the game is trying to indicate that this is where they usually spawn, it's just that they're not currently available because they had just been taken, and I just can't seem to get used to that one...). It seems like Reflex specifically wanted to attack the CPMA-style, with the fast movement and fast/complicated maps, and for that reason I feel like I'll always need Quake as a second game to kind of go back and forth when I feel like chilling. Reflex has no chill. Edit: Thanks seekax, I didn't know widgets was a thing! That solves some stuff for me
  5. I am not Mike

    Why was this game created?

    Fair enough, makes sense. Is there some kind of a demo, where I can just try how Reflex feels, without having to buy it?
  6. I am not Mike

    Why was this game created?

    On a completely serious note, from a guy who never played Reflex (but watched some Reflex on Twitch), and played a little bit of Quake Live, and a little bit of Warsow. I honestly do not understand people who play one of either Quakelive or Reflex, but "hate" the other, when they seem MOSTLY the same. And all that Reflex is, seems like could have been just a mod or a skin for Quakelive basically, with a little tweak on the movement maybe. Or Warsow. So Reflex, to me it seems, is like someone just decided to redo Warsow from scratch. So why go through all of that, instead of just play Warsow? Or at least save yourself work by forking Warsow? No trolling or hate intended.