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  1. jliu


    Great HUD! It's really readable and large. I would like to see a timer for the mega buff for people like me who can't time the mega . Just a little counter like the Resist and Carnage meters would do great.
  2. jliu

    cl_show_keys not recognized?

    as the title says, cl_show_keys is not recognized as a command in the console. Any help?
  3. Thank you Kovaak. Marked as solved
  4. In my Steam/steamapps/common folder, I find two game folders, one called "Reflex" and the other "reflexfps." The contents of these folders seem very similar, only the "Reflex" folder doesn't have the maps and replays folders. What is the difference? Is one of these folders obsolete? When I go to Reflex's properties in Steam and hit Browse Local Files, it brings me to the "reflexfps" folder, so I'm assuming that's the important folder here.