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  1. qlf

    Reflex 1.2.0beta

    I totally agree with asdio. Who needs shitty skins? You think that only skins and cases made CS: GO and Dota 2 popular? It is such an idiotic idea: THERE IS NO PLAYERS, WHO WILL BE BUYING YOUR SKINS??? Why just not implement and fix old shit like player collisions or sometimes missing animation\sound? Why not make game user-friendly? Why not make free weekend? I'm not mentioning really stupid decision to force players using default armor\mega sounds, EVERYONE can change them to what they want, thats why it is not unfair to other players. tl;dr; Update is totally useless. No really important game features was added, game is dead at the moment. Quake Live is more alive than Reflex, and this is sad.
  2. qlf

    Invisible or sound free shots

    I have this problem too.
  3. qlf

    How to create your own addon

    So, i cant edit already existed addon thumbnail, but can add thumbnail in future addons? Nevermind, find a way to update. Thanks everyone.
  4. qlf

    How to create your own addon

    How to add logo to my addon? There is no button in steam workshop I can add screenshots, video, but not logo.