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  1. PanzerIV

    No more able to HOST a server!

    I'm getting really mad, I've managed to host a **** server 4-7 days ago by simply forwarding the default port in my router to my computer's local ip ( and people got to join and now suddently since the last few updates, whatever I do, my server won't show up at all in the browser which is turning me crazy! I've tryed disabling completely my Bitdefender's Firewall, Windows 10 was already disabled, I even disabled the Firewall of my router, tryed disabling NAT too, forwarding to different ports, typing in the console my ip which was already correctly being detected, disabling steam integration, etc. There's like nothing I haven't tryed and no matter what something is blocking me somewhere! Right now I've just tryed forwarding the range below in both TCP_UDP to my .100 ip but still the same problem.
  2. PanzerIV

    Can't go fullscreen

    I always have to do ALT+Enter to make it full screen. For some reasons the game keep starting Windowed which is kind of annoying.
  3. PanzerIV

    AMD users with game crashes - read this

    Same issue here with R9 390 8Gb on latest drivers. Funny how thinking you'd get fixed problems and improvement performance by updating your drivers regulary to the latest while it's actualy worse... (-_-) Something else I've noticed, the in-game console seems to report lower Vram detection and Ram that what I actualy have so it doesn't fully use all the potential of what I have. The game also always launch by default in Windowed mode even though I've checked full screen, which is a little annoying. I can't find the command to manually tell him how much Vram and Ram my system have. Do you guys know?
  4. PanzerIV

    [logged] Fatal error: Failed to create constant buffer

    I get the very same problem every 1-2 maps with my (AMD R9 390 8Gb) on latest driver and my system is fully optimized and way overkill for this game so why does it crash while Battlefield 1 doesn't?! Screen gets black, hear no sound for 10 seconds until it resets then I hear sound but screen of the game stays black until I force the shutdown of the game. I just bought the game yesterday so I hope you guys can fix it otherwise it's gonna be unplayable for me.