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  1. universesixhit

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    Link for hud please
  2. universesixhit

    Current active 1v1 maps

    Ah cheers! Just what I was looking for, much love
  3. universesixhit

    Current active 1v1 maps

    Yay, a map I know Thank you btw
  4. universesixhit

    Current active 1v1 maps

    I've just come from Quakelive and though I'd give this game a go because it reminded me a lot of cpm. My question is what maps are currently being played in 1v1 so I can get to practicing, thanks. Amazing game btw, a steal for 5 pound on steam, keep up the good work devs. Also a quick ps. The game seems unusually dark and I can't seem to find a brightness/gamma command anywhere to change this, are there any command(s) that would increase the overall brightness, I really don't want to be playing the game where I can barely see my enemy thanks.