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  1. Help for beginners?

    If you mean like a trail that follows a player moving around the map, that already exists - however I don't know if the trail can be changed to last longer. In terms of learning the movement, itmight help, however it'll probably end up being useful as a guide for the map rather than teaching newbies how to get better
  2. Honestly it's an interesting idea - although probably more academic than a guide. For instance positional advantage, map control, the 'game of information', when to avoid engagements, passivity vs activity, learning to push an advantage (stack or numbers), are all concepts used in both games - however thats probably because these are concepts of all competitive games. You can make a similar list with RTS games and even chess for instance. Apart from shoulder peaking and understanding angles, flick (and some tracking) aim, and not making unnecessary noise, I can't think of too much that transfers between CS:GO and reflex - not to say that isn't a lot. The movement is different, rocket/projectile aim and dodging are both new skills from CS:GO.
  3. Future of stake launcher

    Honestly, I think a valid criticism of the game is that because the quake weaponset is such a staple for arena shooters, a new player might find the weapons in Reflex not that interesting. I know the weapons are balanced in a particular way so that the weapons have their own 'role', and I understand why the quake weapons are used, but often interesting/non-standard weapons can become memorable and a good selling point for the game.
  4. Future of stake launcher

    How about a slightly left-field option - instead of stake, turin it into a crossbow? So press m1 to fire, with eg. 400-500ms cooldown, then m1 again to reload, with maybe a 750ms reload. Means that on its own, its pretty useless - however it makes stake jumping and stake combos viable - meaning you have that high-tier weapon thats used often (like the devs might want?) but still relies on the player getting other weapons Plus on a stylistic choice it gives the weapon a slightly more interesting flavor that simply isn't 'that weapon from painkiller'
  5. Instagib only rocket

    On top of this - instastake when in experimental_stake ruleset
  6. Simply put allow players to select their pick and drop, and then click a button to confirm. Firstly it stops mistakes, and also means that if you aren't bothered which map to play you can just hit 'Confirm' and elect not to pick/drop instead of waiting for the timeout