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  1. RoiAleTea

    NA 4v4 Pugs

    Spreading the word. Hopefully I'll have my desktop set up by then so I can join
  2. During the 1v1 Arena Duel MM games, if a new player joins, he is spawned in the middle of the round making it a 1v1v1. Don't think this is intended
  3. RoiAleTea

    Widgets/Addons and what is considered cheating?

    Rama pointed out there's one that shows the player spawns. I personally think the kerned numbers is very strong when using ion but maybe that's because I'm noob
  4. RoiAleTea

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    For the Noobs: -More training levels especially for movement (like parkour station 1st floor style) -Better bots that are easy to set up on any map/game mode (co-op too) -Lock competitive mode until hard training levels are completed For the Casuals: -Drop in/out quick play servers -Rematch button and game mode votes available for MM -More than 3 player FFA etc. -New game modes especially slower paced ones like freezetag or 1 life per round stuff For the Pros: -Make "Approved" widgets only for competitive mode -Tier cosmetics/sprays for highest rank reached per season -Rotate maps per season The official release was definitely rushed, but this game is too good for us to let die when all we need to do is make more approachable and advertise it better