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  1. Impermanent

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    A lot of these posts have addressed my own issues with the game. Unfortunately, to add on to this, Quake Champions being F2P might well be the nail in the coffin. I know that's pretty grim and me mentioning it might cause some backlash, but this game is coming around with betas, so Reflex needs to jump on this thread ASAP and make a lot of these posts priority. I want Reflex to win. Seriously. I don't like F2P communities, and I love Reflex's so much. But whether QC is successful or not doesn't even matter. It's a huge; it's the foundation of this type of game, and it's going to be F2P. Now those that don't like the game might very well find Reflex, but then they need to be willing to shell out $10 and getting their ass kicked in duels, because damn if they can find any server populated outside of duels. They can figure that out within the 2 hour refund period in steam, and that's not OK. I actually did that the first time I played the game, and then I bought it again and played for 30+ more hours. My personal problem is that in Reflex, duels is the (seemingly) sole focus. The duel games going on are right there on the front page ready to be watched. All the other game modes are hardly touched, and yet, those are my jams: e.g: insta gib and ctf. I don't know if it's me being on the west coast, but I can't find anything other than duels, and I'm not interested in getting my ass beat 100% of the time by those who spend MONTHS practicing movement. I don't mind spending a couple of days, but months? No, I'm good. Personally, the movement does not feel intuitive and when I started to break those bad habits, the movement system still seemed too damn hard to master. If it didn't take so long to feel natural, then I'd be all over it. And those that practiced it for long stretches are people in low ranks! I actually got to silver by losing every duel match, which I found hilarious. I just want to be able to improve by playing the game. Not by having to practice mechanics outside of the actual game. Those that want to be competitive will do that sort of thing, because to be competitive is doing a lot of that in any game. In this game it just feels mandatory, and that's not fun to me. In the end, there's a giant wall in front of this game to many new players, and I'm afraid time is running out if it's not brought down soon.
  2. Impermanent

    AMD users with game crashes - read this

    Any word if the Reflex team is finally going to fix this issue?
  3. Impermanent

    Game stream/vod on Twitch looks jerky

    So, I captured a vod while watching a duel in progress, and I noticed that it looked smooth like it should. It made me realize that it was my mouse sensitivity, because odds are, the match I was watching of the high level players used a lower sensitivity. Mine is high, which I need to change anyway. As soon as I did, the recording was much smoother, like that of the high level player I captured on the vod. Who knew. Lol.
  4. Impermanent

    Game stream/vod on Twitch looks jerky

    Thanks for the responses, guys! Yes, I use OBS studio. Not sure how I forgot to put that in my OP. Anyway, I'm willing to bet it has to do with h264. Def, I'll recreate your settings. Thanks! Zulu, I know this computer can handle this game with no problem and streaming it too. I doubt I'll need to reduce anything, because it can stream far more demanding games just fine, but if x264 doesn't solve it, I'll look deeper into changing graphics. But, it's like I said, the game runs flawlessly, it's the stream that looks jerky. I'll mess with capping the frame rate too. Goa, if I don't find a workaround, I'll post a clip of what I'm talking about. edit: just to be clear, the only reason why I suspected the game, is due to that I have no issues with streaming other games at 60fps. It could be a mixture of game settings and OBS settings like you guys have mentioned. I have tried everything so far, and while it's a tad better, it's not perfect. It's ok for now, but I'll keep tweaking it. Could very well be twitch encoding settings. There's still quite a bit more to play with!
  5. Impermanent

    Game stream/vod on Twitch looks jerky

    The game itself runs just fine streaming it, but when I playback the stream (720p/60fps) it looks like it's not nearly as smooth, and it makes my mouse movements look jerky. This could be a side effect of me playing on a 144hz monitor, but I swear it doesn't look as smooth as some of the other games I stream and have in twitch's vod format. It's really just the mouse movements that stand out the most. Everything else looks OK. I also notice other streams of this game not looking like it's properly outputting to 60fps too, so it's convincing it might be the game. I can't confirm it, so I could be wrong, but I am interested if anyone else has noticed it. It's not the worst thing in the world, but I'd like to fix it if I can. It's just not a true representation of what I see. I stream at 720p/60fps/3000kbps/h264 with the quality preset set to quality. I have a Ryzen 1700/16gb ram, and an RX480 8GB video card. The computer can handle it, but any tweaks that can be suggested would be great. Thinking about using more CPU and maybe trying x264 instead of the h264 I've been using, even though h264 has been great up to this point. I figured I'd go ahead and ask since it'll be tomorrow evening until I can try anything. Might as well see if anyone else has any ideas so I have more options to try out. Thanks!