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  1. Gnalvl

    Future of stake launcher

    Assuming this is correct and up-to-date (it might not be, I don't know) the stake refire time is 1250ms, which is equal to the CPMA rail. Granted, it is only 250ms difference from the shotgun, but it feels like an eternity in arena FPS time (as CPMA players will attest to). I agree that it'd be nice to see more mid-tier weapons, though the Stake Gun would need dramatic alterations from its current form to achieve that. Bear in mind that it's current form is based on the CPMA BFG, so most likely the Reflex devs intended it as a high tier weapon. To be a mid-tier weapon, I think it'd have to function more similarly to the Q4 nailgun.
  2. Gnalvl

    Rockets, how do you feel about them?

    I can agree here; Unreal added a bit more depth in this area with the inclusion of the shock, flak, bio, translocator and even the ripper projectiles (which could have been nice if rebalanced after UT99). I've always thought it'd be great to see a game with Quake-style physics for movement, rockets, and grenades but with the added projectile diversity of UT. Warsow fell a bit short in this department, adding UT dodge to CPMA movement with no weapon changes. Yeah, I think this point is key. Rockets may feel a bit weak ATM compared to Q3/QL/CPMA, but then so is hitscan (at least when it comes to IC and shotgun). These things go hand-in-hand so I wouldn't want to see a buff to IC without a buff to RL splash/knockback.
  3. Gnalvl

    Future of stake launcher

    I think the solution is to increase the rate of fire. After all, if rockets had such a long delay between shots, they'd be pretty unrewarding too. Conversely if the Stake Launcher kept 100dmg per hit, but had the same 0.8 sec delay between shots as RL, then you have a big advantage in damage rate compared to the bolt and it'd essentially balanced on the same principal as the RL except with a big travel speed increase to compensate for lack of splash. BTW what is the speed of the stake? 2000 or 3000 UPS?