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  1. vcrylic

    Looking to use the projectile sniper.

    Damn, how would I use this console? I've tried "/bind x weapon 9", "!bind x weapon 9", and a bunch of other variants, but I haven't had any luck.
  2. vcrylic

    Looking to use the projectile sniper.

    Ah, thanks, I wasn't aware of this. The bolt rifle definitely seems preferable; it's far more consistent and increases the fast-paced brutality of the game. Hard to imagine Reflex being as fun without the intensity that it provides.
  3. vcrylic

    Looking to use the projectile sniper.

    A bit of an odd one here. About a week ago, I was playing Reflex when I heard a strange sound and was hit by an orange projectile. I was more than a bit confused, for I had never known of the weapon that fired it. So, in chat, I asked about how I could use this strange weapon (not sure of its name). I received several answers of "bind weapon 9." However, upon looking in my bindings, I noticed that I don't have a weapon 9. Am I blind? Am I looking in the wrong area entirely? Do I need to install some sort of update? Halp?