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  1. Mutator Options I'd like to be able to set available weapons on any map, and not have to rely on the weapon restrictor tool (think Arena with only rockets or lg or whatever). Setting starting HP and armor amounts would be handy too. I would also like to see some more interplay between mutators, especially CTF and Arena. I really think CTF with player elimination, round-based scoring, and a full reset after each flag cap would be a lot of fun. It could be the modern update to Clan Arena that gives it a much needed objective, rather than just out-damaging the other team.
  2. I uploaded these maps to my server and put them on a rotation. It's called "1Flag Prototype Testing Rotation -- Salad Days" It's US East/Central. I left it on instagib to even the playing field, but if there's a lot of interest I can switch it off or to warmup or whatever. Downloading the Skytemple variants from the server does work, but it's kinda slow so you might just want to snag them from the links above and throw them in your map folder. The workshop one is fine obviously.
  3. @bej Single Flag CTF, could use existing symmetrical CTF maps, no need to make new ones specifically for this mode, but only one team's flag spawns per round. Teams would be assigned offense or defense, offense tries to enter the enemy base, take the flag and return it to their own. Basically CS's hostage rescue mode instead of UT's new flag run mode. Teams could switch roles after each round or have multiple rounds per half, doesn't really matter imo. 2 minute rounds? 1:30? Round time would need to be established. Would have a clear objective for new players, but still at least a little depth in deciding if you want to pool all of your defenders at base to protect the flag with numbers or send off an aggressive defender to flank/ambush elsewhere in the map. It would play like Clan Arena without the bullshit spawns and with an added focal point for the action. Don't sit in a corner and wait out the round timer, get to the flag idiot! Also instagib. Actually, because CS has such a fast time-to-kill, if you played this "flag rescue" with instagib, it'd basically be CS but with better movement and no weapon RNG. :thinking:
  4. I'm an avid CS player but pretty new to Reflex and AFPS in general, and @Chongus hit the nail on the head. The pacing for Reflex is pretty much 100%, 100% of the time. That's tiring, especially for today's audience which enjoys games that have a fair bit of downtime in their gameplay. Popular titles like CSGO, DOTA 2, PUBG, and Overwatch not only have great pacing (the slower planning/setup focused gameplay contrasted with the exciting attempt at executing said plan), they also have a limit to how badly you can lose. What's the worst that could happen in CS? (For those of you who are unfamiliar with Counter-Strike scoring, the game is played best of 30 rounds, what is essentially first to 16 round wins.) Say you get picked off immediately in a round, and perhaps every following round, leading your team to an 0-16 loss. I've been there, and it sucks because you lost big time, but that's as bad as it's ever gonna get. I could play by myself against a pro team, 1v5, get absolutely crushed, and still only lose 0-16. What's the worst that could happen in Reflex? There's no cap. I played a competitive 2v2 match, and after about 10 minutes into it, my partner and I were down by over 100 points. Not an exaggeration, I'm pretty sure the score line was like 9-111. We looked at the match timer and still had 5 more minutes to go. You want to talk about a crushing defeat? Try getting your teeth kicked in for 15 minutes straight with no respite. My buddy that queued doubles with me hasn't launched Reflex since. How to fix? Maybe Reflex could introduce a score limit and/or a skunk rule. Get up +10 or so and the game's over. I'm sure someone will be able to recall a great comeback from a huge deficit, and that's cool and all, but I think for the majority of new players it ain't happening. As for adding a new gamemode, I like @bej's idea of single flag CTF. Also devs, if you read this, please let us mix the Arena Mutator with CTF. Not really sure why the Arena mutator despawns flags, but round based CTF with player elimination would be fun. Especially instagib.