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  1. I think it would be cool if there were a video for like... Overwatch to Arena FPS, and as a Reflex fan, I of course would love for Reflex to be a primary example. A lot of opportunities for "this is what's cool about arena FPS versus being told to switch to healer and pocket someone".
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    Reflex 1.1.0

    Announcer sounds great. What might the voice actor's name be? Twitter, etc? Thanks!
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    Reflex 1.1.0

  4. Hi, I'm a casual. Been playing Overwatch since Closed Beta back in like November 2015. Recently got into Quake (beat 1's campaign, didn't touch 2 too much yet, 3 and team arena's single player, played a lot of bots on Quake Live, some players, then got into the Quake Champions beta-- won't break NDA but, well, I decided to check out this "Reflex" I'd heard about). I'll probably never really master the various movement stuff, but I can effectively use some of it, and that's good enough for me, slowly trying to incorporate the other stuff over time. It's fun, and your community is so great, it's the least intimidating thing I've ever done. Challenging, but not scary at all to play. That's good. You guys are so cool, I'm blown away over here. What arena FPS does well in my opinion is, well, a lot of things, but to me just the satisfaction of the core experience of fragging feels great in a good arena FPS. Overwatch, for many complex reasons, sometimes starts to feel like not even playing an FPS after a long period of time. Burnout set in for me after a long time, and I believe it will come for other players as well giving Reflex a solid shot at grabbing the people who miss not being funneled into each other with free kill buttons. I love Overwatch, but I missed playing an FPS game. I still play Overwatch though-- I have no intention of "quitting". What Reflex does well is its respect for the core, its respect for minimalism, the high customization that belongs in a proper PC FPS game, and really bringing that good core experience to the modern age with a gorgeous aesthetic that miraculously doesn't compromise the readability-- even for noobs like me who probably need as much as we can get. I don't personally want to see Reflex dumbed down at all. I think people need to properly "discover" it, and discover what's good about it. I don't want to say it "needs advertising" because I don't know how much it might already have, but when I gave it to my friends they said "How did you find this gem?". They're not big into arena FPS-- at least they weren't until Reflex. Those tutorial videos are amazing and I love them dearly-- but it is probably true that in-game thorough tutorials with really good feedback and noob friendly UI to teach all the essential movement stuff would go a long way. But truthfully, I don't know the core appeal needs to be to get casuals like me to jump in and learn all the movement techniques or the meta stuff. I'll tell you what I personally want-- I would love to have enough players to just jump in and, I'll say it, just enjoy the core act of kinda mindlessly fragging against people of my own potato skill level. That's why I'm here. Jump in and frag. Don't want fancy gimmicks. Don't know if I'll ever really reliably be able to execute every type of jump. Don't really even care if I ever properly learn pickup timers and control (even though I probably will at some point down the line). Shameful, I know. I'm simple, I've accepted that. Right now I fight players way better than me, and I don't mind because hey, if I can frag these old gods every now and then-- that's enough for me, don't mind the challenge, don't mind losing, and I can always fight the bots because they can challenge me without stomping me. I like that I'm here, I'm playing an FPS, I don't have to play support because nobody else will, and I don't have to deal with a team tilting at each other/never grouping up. The simplicity and the purity is the entire appeal to me-- which of course helps explain why I love Reflex specifically-- because it loves respecting the core. Free to play weekend-- or just free to play doesn't sound half bad to me I guess? (I know I'd buy the cosmetics to support. Dare you to make one head look like a lootbox) But I definitely don't have the knowledge to say whether or not that would help or kill the game. Probably a lot of higher level understanding goes into a choice like that. I know I wouldn't be mad if I paid to buy all these copies and it went free to play tomorrow. I'm not gonna say that I represent all casuals, not gonna say that I'm "objectively correct" in how I look at this, in fact, I don't even have "suggestions" for how to make Reflex get players and keep players. You could easily look at this post and tear apart my "points", I'm sure of that, because I'm not really even trying to make any points. I just wanted to provide my own perspective as some (hopefully) brutally honest insight into one casual mind. Thanks for reading! And feel free to go easy on me in-game-- won't be needing my pride here! give me a cowboy hat cosmetic i miss being a mccree main before we all learned what a teamcomp was