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  1. clemambi

    Proving Grounds

    Ok, my bad. I got confused - I think I spawned in red cage in warmup just before map began, and then I thought that was my first spawn later.
  2. clemambi

    Proving Grounds

    hmm, thats odd, I know I spawned in the red cage, but I didn't see ra/take ra, because I took a ya almost directly after/my opponent took the red, sub 25sec. I will check the demo if I can find it, maybe I am getting confused/took it without noticing lol
  3. clemambi

    Proving Grounds

    xv7 - Great map. Solid gameplay. Needs a bolt rifle, and there is no indication of where mega or red are on the map, making mega in particular hard to find. I got red spawn and didn't take it because it's so poorly indicated.
  4. clemambi

    Proving Grounds

    immortal share is terrible. I was stuck in a teleloop for the first 50 seconds; steak launcher doesn't work in comp, and gerneally confusing and poorly designed map.