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  1. asdio

    Sushiflex March Madness!

    Hi, where can I find the results and VOD for the EU 1v1 cup?
  2. asdio

    Reflex 1.2.0beta

    What has rama got to do with any of the stuff I mentioned ? When I click my profile, I see that I created my account on May 4, 2017, what has this got to do with rama? why don't you respond to the points I made and contribute to the discussion on the update instead of posting these childish messages?
  3. asdio

    Reflex 1.2.0beta

    Screw rama and his stuff, bring back newborn
  4. asdio

    Reflex 1.2.0beta

    It appears that 11 months is not enough to test a main feature of an update, not even mentionning the broken ruleset configurations. Regarding the so called Purity checks / sv_pure that you implemented (which isn't even working right now) : So you're pretending that forcing armor pickup sounds and mega expire sound is enough? How hard is it to see what you can do with lua and modified assets? How about you stop making pathetic miniscule changes and implement real meaningful updates? You can't have it both ways, a good competitive environnment and shitload of customization where all the game's assets can be modified (which is literally the case right now, just replace any file in the .paks and the game will load them, +all the things you can do with lua) 3months=12months? (Just kidding, you still haven't closed the season) But thankfully, we have new cosmectics so all of the above can be forgotten .
  5. Since Newborn left, the Reflex devs have adopted the say nothing do nothing strategy in regards to competition and gameplay. I think you're right, they'll only do something about it if you showcase and advertise the lua cheat widgets, so go ahead. Reflex competition has been a lua war ever since lua was implemented. The Reflex devs seem to think that "customization" is more important than a good and fair competitive environment, delusion has no limits.