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  1. TimmyMagic

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    Yes, it was daft of me to put forward game modes that were almost certainly already in the game :-) Having played the game I have to say I really enjoy it and am looking forward to tackling the movement challenges having seen the KovaaK videos. In HLDM/AG I only ever really used bunny-hopping/wall strafing, and that is all I really needed to play for the top clans - there was also little else available. It is quite amazing to look back and wonder how we all managed to get good at the game without tutorial videos, sure we had demos/each other and the like to watch but with these tutorial videos surely it would be immeasurably easier to help players get better? Back in 1999, if someone shot a casual through a wall with the Gauss in HLDM, they would likely just assume that person was cheating and rage quit, never to return :-) I notice a theme however... Most of the servers/games I have played in have been on remakes of the classic Quake maps. Whilst it might be heresy to ask here, I do wonder why we need Reflex when QC is out any day now (and free)? Indeed, QL is still alive and kicking and has many more players. Do not get me wrong, I expect I will continue to play Reflex for a good while yet, I just don't see how you can make it more appealing to the casual crowd without fundamentally changing the game. I see the same problems hitting QC but perhaps the new Duel mode there will help it, the casual can only lose 3-0 and it does not last that long. Sacrifice also looks appealing to that crowd, although I have never played it. --- All that said - is there any clan structure in Reflex yet? Any leagues going for 4v4s/5v5s?
  2. TimmyMagic

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    I heard of Reflex having played the QC beta the past few weeks and searching for a good FPS to play every few months, having played HL/AG for more hours than I care to remember from 1999-2003ish, which was a very difficult game to 'get very good at' and had a big problem in keeping new players. I guess because I was young and had an IRL mate who played it too I stuck with it, these days I would not have the time to devote to it. I mean seriously, when you reach 30+, who does? From what I can tell, QL has had similar problems attracting new players albeit on a smaller scale and QC will have the exact same issue moving forwards I expect - I would bet most who end up playing it regularly will have moved from QL (assuming the game gets the thumbs up from that crowd). I do not understand it at all personally, OverWatch looks truly terrible and I could never get on board with CoD even though all my mates played it on consoles and online against each other (my mates are far from geeky types). Is there a good answer to get people playing any AFPS? I have held off buying Reflex as it is clear not many play it, even though I can tell from the videos I would enjoy it. I will probably go ahead in the next couple of days so I can play against bots, bunnyhop around a few maps and the like and play a few hours at least - but what then? --- Speaking of game modes, these might already have been mentioned but - two of the game modes in HL/AG that people would always play even if they were not particularly active were called 'Arena' and 'Arcade', Arena would basically involve two players spawning with full stack and all weapons and competing 1v1 to the death; winner stays on and you take it in turns in a queue system. This would give you the break between rounds, so you get some social interaction as well as a game mode that is easier to get decent at - it is just pure combat. I saw someone mention earlier that new players concentrate on getting better at combat, but not better at the game - well at least in this mode that would be more use. How you would then get these guys playing duels/TDM I have no idea. Arcade was similar but basically FFA with all weapons/full stack on spawning, which was good for the casual player but I found rather dull. --- I will buy the game in the next couple of days as I really like the look of it, just hope I can find some decent FFA servers to begin with :-)
  3. TimmyMagic

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    Random question, but did you finish porting Stalkyard to Reflex? Might buy the game if you have