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  1. warsow has more players than reflex right now and this is a big fucking alarm sound. the devs can either put value in this game by marketing it, make more skins, more tutorials more tournaments etc or they will subdue to quake champions. the single choice that the devs can make is to fix bugs add more value to the game and make it F2P anybody that thinks otherwise are retards or dreamers PERIOD one more thing, you can all laugh about my stupid poll and my noobish /fanboish wishes about the game or about the fact that i say on discord that quake live has more value than reflex for the same price, even the russian cpma has more value for ffs, i don't care what you think but it is TRUE, if you don't see that you are a stupid kid and a retard. i like this game, i like everything about it, but the devs aren't making $$ with 10 whiners as players. + beaton in his stupid autistic rages on youtube rounds more players to the game than anyone here SO DO YOUR JOBS DEVS!! WE PAYED, WE WANT VALUE AND WE WANT IT NOW!
  2. Bring back stake gun. Custom colorised stakes maybe a trail marker + instant hit. => Movement oportunities and more fun -> dump BoltRifle
  3. elpadre

    Gingerbread Death Animation

    it works only in duel matches, besides that it's slick!!
  4. What would you like to be implemented in next updates? POLL link ---> http://www.strawpoll.me/13072322