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  1. Bitterman

    GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    Best hud ever! I would like this to become official hud.
  2. I think this poll is nice, though some ideeas are stupid. The boltgun that fires stakes is actually verry good imo. Nonetheless , the developers will stick to their plan.
  3. Bitterman

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    After i played this game and compared it to quake live/cpma and quake champs i realized this: -no unique content ( single thing was stake gun but no more in the game) -skins are nice but they are few and hard to get -no unique powerups -i run this game on a good PC but it works hard and sometimes laggy , even on ultra low config -widgets are cool and usefull -map editor is cool -movement is clunky -sounds are terrible -no real visual customization -bots are bad and not available on every good maps - the real good maps are all from quake -burstgun is like a small shotgun, it would be nice if it would be replaced by a hit by hit weapon -no built in zoom -no real race hud like in defrag -no statistics -i needed to "widgetize" the game to make it playable -the game looked better in the early days. Thus the player base is so small, even if quake champs will be Dead on Arrival. Solution maybe: Choose either a simple artistic way like in the early days of go with the robotic vibe. Make more content, more gametypes. Make it free to play and add more unique content, otherwise no one will play it, let alone buy it, because right now it is a cpma clone with just a map editor.