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  1. Jane

    Will we get an editor focused update.

    See the issues with all the textures being flat/plain is not only being hard on the eyes when moving at speeds, but also some textures are just awful. Like lava, the old lava was great, now be have a flat colour that huts you. Also when making large floors in race maps you ether need to manually break up all the flooring to keep it visually sound, or use the dev grid that looks awful. one option is to add a "real" version to all of the texture types they have at the moment. Stone, wood, lava, dirt, brick and so on and then just added a simple or detailed option in the graphics to toggle between the style we have at the moment and the new stuff, how ever that could make old makes look bad if the mappers didn't texture correctly. So i'm still more in favour of just adding stand alone detailed textures. Also yes to slick. Triggers and moving plats would all be great to have but I assume more work than they can be bothered to put in.
  2. So I have been mapping race maps since Christmas now after coming from q3 and warsow. Somethings I really love about the editor are the obvious things like editing and testing spacing with out having to build the map then load the game and so on. But I think a lot of us are starting to peak on here. I mean we have what, like 5 textures? (recolouring doesn't count) a fairly nice but also growing old effects (objects) list, basically 0 actual effects that are not all hidden away, but more on that in a moment. The sad thing is you used to have textures way back and you trashed them for what? The whole flat picmip looking game that only is useful to the duel players. Can we even get those textures back? Can we please get some real textures to work with, more objects to play with and add the actual effects you have hidden away like snow falling in to the content browser. You will ofc need to enable them again cause you for what ever reason made them invisible not long ago only making maps look even more boring. Some other things that should to be looked at. Posting maps with out a light map should be a check box not a hack job work around. The crashing that can happen with moving objects, verts, and sometimes even from just trying to save. Cross map prefabs. And even though you never will, the sticky wall bug. I love the game but can we get some more mapping love anytime this year?