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  1. Reflex 1.2.0beta

    Nice save rama, totally not you
  2. Reflex 1.2.0beta

    stop making alt accounts rama
  3. Reflex 1.2.0beta

    Never thought I would see this day Incredible update, well done!
  4. sv_pure poll

    Region: EU Highest rank achieved in Matchmaking: Overlord Do you use any customized widgets/HUD elements/particle effects/sounds/etc: Yes Do you wish to see sv_pure implemented into the competitive ruleset: If changes are made, otherwise no Why: It just feels like a step backwards. What's the point of making the game incredibly customizable and then forcing the player to play with the default settings? I think the idea of sv_pure in the first place was to make the playing field more even by limiting "hacky" addons that give players a significant advantage over others - you don't have to completely throw customization out the window to accomplish that. Suggested changes: let server owners decide whether sv_pure is enabled on their servers tone down the limitations (personally I think disabling addons is fine, but unlock widget positions, give an option to remove sparks and other eye-candy stuff and maybe allow custom sounds) widget whitelist system with the community deciding which widgets are okay and which aren't, as has been suggested multiple times in the past Not all of these need to be implemented, if you just make one of them work properly then I'm certain that most people will ultimately view sv_pure as a positive change. If sv_pure remains unchanged, I will guarantee you that there will be a severe decrease in veteran players.
  5. Hey again, glad you came back with a follow-up. I'll clear up some things as well.. The point stands either way. Compare it to other competitive titles again - even if you outperformed someone mechanically in Street Fighter, Quakes, solo laning phase in League of Legends, etc... you are very unlikely to get anything out of it because, again, you don't know what you're supposed to do. You can land every 1-frame link, have superb reaction time and consistently perform amazing combos in something like SFIV, but if you don't understand when to do them (like when it's safe...) or what to do in general, you won't have any success against a veteran player. Reflex isn't the only game to do this. You'd obviously get a fair amount of success in something like CS with great mechanics, but that's only because the time to kill in that game is non-existent. Right, this is a well-known issue, and like I said before, there are many things the devs can do (and are planning to do) to shorten the learning process and make the game more accessible. However, there is only so much they can do to help the player learn the game without dumbing down the gameplay itself. It's a difficult situation since the devs either a] keep doing what they and the core playerbase want to do with the game and suffer financially or b] do a complete 180 and say fuck you to their dream project and their core audience just to make the game sustainable. edit: now that I think about it, I think you're completely wrong about most people not willing to put time into learning a competitive game - just look at Dota or Starcraft, both hugely unintuitive and complex games with big playerbases. There's definitely a huge market for games with high skill ceiling. Yes, you are right that accessibility is a huge issue, and your feedback is completely valid - it's something they're working on in the upcoming 1.2 patch. These aren't the only reasons to why the game isn't succeeding though, as there are other issues with HUGE lack of marketing, lack of refinement and polish in existing features and player retention. The problem here is that your original issue with the game and how it snowballs cannot really be fixed without affecting the gameplay negatively: if you don't have the time or the patience or whatever to learn, then the game really isn't for you. There is nothing wrong with that, it's just the way it works. You're definitely not the first one. I think your feedback is valuable as it affirms the fact that there are issues in regards to accessibility! I hope you'll give the game another go sometime in the future, perhaps with the launch of 1.2 - I've honestly never enjoyed or been this enthusiastic about a game before as much as I have with Reflex, and I think that once you get hooked in and start seeing progression, it's a very satisfying experience. If you're looking to talk to folks within the community, feel free to join the Discord here: https://discord.gg/uThaFhF
  6. Yeah, Lolo's got it - the solution is to not play veterans or people that are a 100 times better than you, find someone that is close to your skill level and keep getting better with them. That's what makes the game fun.
  7. Honestly, it really does sound like the game (or duel) isn't for you. I'm pretty sure at least 95% of the people who've played this game before can agree that the game is difficult to pick up and learn, and it really is understandable, but the problem here is that "snowballing" a lead is just a core part of what makes this game so appealing to the hardcore, competitive audience - you know, the audience that this game was built for? I'm sorry, but in what respected competitive game can you expect a new player killing/beating a veteran? Starcraft? Street Fighter? League of Legends? Chess? You're supposed to lose hard and get frustrated - you don't know what you're doing or what you're supposed to do. It's just the nature of 1v1 games. Giving feedback is fine, but the reason people disregard feedback like this is because it's generally coming from someone that hasn't or isn't willing to spend a considerable amount of time learning the game and someone who doesn't quite understand what the end result would be if feedback like this would be taken seriously into consideration. I think that there should be more hand holding for new players and that there's a lot of things the devs can do to help new players learn the game, but dumbing down the game to appeal to a wider demographic isn't one of them.
  8. Small suggestions/bugs

    I'd like to see some changes to how the GL functions. In it's current state, it feels more like a budget RL rather than an area denial tool - I think it's super gay that you can get collisionfucked by a freshly spawned opponent with GL and lose all of your health because they +forward into you and pray for lucky directs. Maybe it could have some sort of priming time, i.e. have it so that the nade can't explode on impact for the first xxx milliseconds but instead bounces off the player.
  9. Forums upgrade

    wow is this the new 1.2 patch?????!?!????
  10. Ammo balance in Clan Arena

    100 nades rockets and bolt for maximum rat gaming please
  11. A new Player

    Welcome! I have a background similar to yours, so I'm sure you'll enjoy Reflex as much as I do and did back when I started. The community is indeed quite small - currently it's the smallest it has ever been (for various reasons). Realistically, you'll likely have a hard time finding players of your skill level, although I strongly feel like that will change as the new and much anticipated 1.2 patch comes out. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask them on Discord - most people are very friendly and will give answers, advice and even coaching if you just ask for it. Use the Discord to find people to duel with as well, as it's much faster than the current Matchmaking feature! https://discord.gg/uThaFhF
  12. Time to start - Reflex Arena fragmovie

    This is sick Bonus points for the weird jungle music, reminds me of a certain cool game
  13. Custom Ruleset Poll

    I think the map is fine - it's very punishing as a map as a single mistake can lead into a chain of frags, but it has a lot of positions the out of control player can take in order to regain control. You'll see a bunch of high-level players absolutely destroying people on that map and leaving seemingly no chance for the other player to retaliate, but I'd argue that is only because of the skill difference, whether it'd be in general or just specifically on that map. I'm obviously a bit biased since it's my favourite map in the current pool, but I believe it's balanced quite well. I believe that this is the best way to fix this issue, as it also has the side benefit of weapons being much more fun (since they're more powerful and responsive) and control shifting around faster. It also helps combat the +back playstyle more efficiently, which is objectively a slower, less exciting way to play the game. Reflex should be about speed, not about two players staying at neutral score and +backing for 5 minutes because both of them are too afraid to take a risky fight.