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  1. Zvarri

    Please don't let the game die

    Reflex is dead because it doesn't cater to new players nor teamplay. It doesn't get a lot of marketing either. So you're left with veteran duelists. One step would be to create a custom ruleset to make team gamemodes interesting and hope that the part of the afps community that wants TDM will come back. Another would be make the game more readable for new players.
  2. I've rather felt coldness and disinterest coming from veterans that aren't actively taking care of newbies more than disdain. But that's life. I guess you get harsher reactions for being a newbie criticizing a difficult core gameplay for being difficult, and that's what you are and perceived as. However, I think the coming custom ruleset make maintaining control more difficult/breaking control more easy, try to play it if you haven't. On the other hand, Quake Champions with micro stacks don't have this snowball aspect, maybe that's what you want...
  3. Zvarri

    Should Reflex Arena be free?

    No, Reflex shouldn't go f2p. Anyone who could have an interest in Reflex already have it. Going f2p won't change a thing except bring in more "nuisance". Although, if strong team gamemodes with strong teamplay mechanics were in, it would be something to discuss.
  4. Zvarri

    Base problems of team modes

    Why is QW best for duel than Reflex ? I get it in teamplay but not in duels.
  5. Zvarri

    Base problems of team modes

    Moreover, weapons had more pronounced tactical elements in QW TDM. You could efficiently cover entries with the RL and the discharge mechanic. You could easily kill multiples enemies with the RL insane splash damage and easily kill enemy weapons by ambushing and pinning them to the ceiling with the LG. Not to mention traps and shortcuts that could be activated by one of your teammate to save time/ambush enemies and stairs that slew you down, hence making a defendable position. QC tried to be innovative by adding abilities, which is good on paper, but they added gimmicky/non-tactical abilities and deleted all the others aspects that made team gamemodes cool. So, Reflex doesn't have, for now, the abilities to sound "innovative" nor the tactical elements that would wreck duels but make TDM/CTF good.
  6. Zvarri

    Base problems of team modes

    Wasn't there a Quakeworld's mod called Quakeball where you had to grab a flag (and there was only one on the map) and hold it as long as you can, and the team with the most time held at the end of the game won ? It included every others mechanics of TDM (power-ups, armors, health, weapons, ammo control) and CTF (differents roles and a defined objective) but it was more easy to follow as a spectator and was definetely more Quake-y ? Plus, it definitely makes a home for the stake launcher and it's teamplay use.
  7. Zvarri

    Custom Ruleset Poll

    All weapons exist on the same level regarding the DPS and are tiered regarding the tactical aspect : more weapons are more situational than others and this is where you get the upper tiered weapons (you can cover every situation with RL + IC + bolt, whereas you're limited to defensive or ambush options with the rest). A DPS imbalance means Quakeworld, not that it doesn't have tactics, but this weapons state makes duels... rage oriented.
  8. Zvarri

    Future of stake launcher

    A broomstick with teamplay use ? This idea has to be tested.
  9. Zvarri

    Base problems of team modes

    I think having proper mechanics for TDM and CTF would be a start (a dedicated menu for team bindings in the options, high ammo caps, long respawn time for weapons, etc...). I don't think that large amount of players per game is a solution, 5v5 is the most these gamemodes can handle.
  10. Zvarri

    Ingame suggestion - VOIP

    VOIP is overrated, bound quick replies are better. Chivalry's one are excellent, but written ones like Quakeworld or Rocket League would be better.
  11. The few friends I managed to grab onto afps and I don't like clan arena. We find it too shallow and cheesy. Newcomers don't have a problem with duels or pick-ups, they have a problem with how to play the game. Unfortunately, this is pretty common in every game that has a bit of depth. So, I'd like to see something like Blood Bowl II tutorial, which is basically a singleplayer campaign in which every rules of the game is added one by one, match after match. It's a bit boring but you've got plenty of time and room to try stuff at your own pace. And you can of course don't do the campaign and go directly online if you want. In Reflex, I'd like to see specific mission to truly learn how to play the game, at least on one map : how to play in control, out of control, how to break the player in control, armor cycling, etc... Newbies don't generally have a problem with loosing, they have a problem with being crushed without being explained anything properly. It's usually not a problem to be defeated, even by a large margin, if you understood what you could have done and how to do it. Having a friend teach you this stuff is way more excruciating than a proper tutorial. Moreover, my friends want to play with me, not against me. One guy and I managed to catch a ctf game going on, it was the best time my guy had. I get that team gamemodes don't get much love because there's not a lot of people, but there won't be people until they get some love. QW TDM is still relevant because no one did better in 2 decades, something can be done with it. Also being able to go into games while matchmaking as a group would be nice. I've been surprised and I've quite enjoyed the user-friendly-ness of the game and it could be improved even more with proper Watch features (UT4's style) and an interactive menu to preview your widgets while you're tweaking them would be cool. Maybe I've missed the train, but I'm eager to see the next update.
  12. Zvarri

    Why do you play Reflex?

    The Quakecon 2016 grand finales of Quakeworld and Quakelive got me hooked on afps, so I'm fairly new to the genre (Even though, I use to defrag a lot on Quake 3). I play Reflex because I think it's technically the best afps on the market with the most earnest devs team and community to support it. I'm not decided on all the current gamedesign decisions so far (I really like Quakeworld gamedesign on almost all aspects) but they are small details compared to TDM and CTF that I hope the devs will add with all the truly teamplay-oriented features and gamedesign decisions to support it.
  13. Zvarri

    Rockets, how do you feel about them?

    I think damage is good. However I think the knockback on it (and on every weapons) is a little too weak compared to what you can do and the speed you can gain with the current movement set. Small knockback was okay in Quake Live because you couldn't do much with the movement set, considering CPMA stuff, we should have crowdcontrol closer to Quakeworld.
  14. Newcomer here. I'd like to see the dev roadmap before saying anything. I think they are aware of what's going on and that we don't know what they have in the tank for us.