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  1. erad

    The identity of Garou EXPOSED

    sol is garou, dont trust him
  2. erad


    I don't know much about all of this, but an option to change how long it takes for armors/mega to respawn would be chill. Q3tourney4 had like a 2 minute respawn on mega and I'm sure there are some other neato maps that use it.
  3. erad

    Reflex 1.2.0beta

    Awesome stuff, thanks for the continued support.
  4. The game can be frustrating for sure when you don't know what you're doing wrong, but removing the armor mechanic would be a horrible mistake. It is such a huge part of the game. If you want some advice/help, you can hit me up on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/eerad. This game gets a lot more fun the better you get at it in my opinion, which is kind of a blessing and a curse. It sucks for new players sort of, but it is awesome to see yourself improve and do things effortlessly that you before thought was impossible. I wouldn't call the game snowbally so much as I would call it a game of swings. The player with the armor control definitely has the advantage, but he is only ever 3 or 4 rockets/one bad engagement away from being the one out of control. Hope you continue on with the game, glhf. ))
  5. erad

    Reflex Monthly Cups

  6. erad

    Feature Request: REPLAY BROWSER

    I almost never watch replays in this game because loading them up and navigating them is just annoying. Starcraft 2 has probably the best replay system I've used.
  7. Because going slow is wack and going fast is tight as fuck.
  8. erad

    Ammo balance in Clan Arena

    200 plasma sounds like it could get pretty spammy and I'm not sure how I feel about 8 rails, but I definitely agree the ammo caps should be different from duel. I'd probably just use the same numbers as cpma because it seems decent enough and I'm lazy.
  9. erad

    Time to start - Reflex Arena fragmovie

    Great stuff my dude, I love it.
  10. erad

    Custom Ruleset Poll

    People find different things exciting you bumbo.
  11. erad

    Ishdm12 - Angarr's Gate

    Is the name of the map inspired by the 2016 Bangladeshi romantic musical film Angaar, directed by Wajed Ali, or something else?
  12. erad

    Custom Ruleset Poll

    Region : NA Highest reached rank in Matchmaking : Diamond Have you played games on the custom ruleset : Yes Have you watched games played on the custom ruleset : Yes Do you wish to see the changes proposed by the custom ruleset implemented into the current competitive ruleset ? : Yes Why ? While I don't think the custom ruleset is perfect, I think it is an improvement and a ton of fun. I heavily lean towards hitscan weapons generally, but this ruleset has me using a lot more rockets without them feeling overpowered. It makes a lot of the lesser used weapons feel good and strong. I'd be really interested in having the devs weigh in at least on how the feel about the proposed changes. Edit: To clarify, I only have experience in duel. I can't speak for any team modes. playmorereflex