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  1. Perflexia - defrag map

    I felt so happy being able to do these jumps from start till end. Nice map, fun times.
  2. Build 28 - Input feedback

    Running 800x600 trying to aim for 250fps constant . Certain areas of the map makes the fps drop to around 210 (lava areas). GTX 760 , i7 4930k Edit : With everything maxed and bloom 0
  3. So, I was practicing some double stair jump on cpm22a and each time I do it successfully, theres a weird bug that causes me to alt tab to my next window for some reason (might be a 2 monitor problem as well) and then some random key freezes and it continues to be like that until I either exit fullscreen or ctrl alt tab to get out of reflex then I have to reenter reflex, press the key that is stuck (like forward,left,right,back) to resume it normally. THIS HAPPENS ON A SUCCESSFUL double jump on cpm22a map. Weird. Also, each time I alt tab to switch songs or do some other work and return to reflex, the resolution changes into a lower res version of the one in the config. Is this a dual monitor problem? I have to keep doing r_fullscreen cmd each time I enter. Also theres times where I do my resolution cmd and then the disconnected icon appears on the top right hand corner and lowers my fps. I reconnect and its fine. I am on an i7 4930k , gtx 760. -Frysher
  4. [Have Your Say] Arena modes

    Btw for referencing , here are the 2 modes I talked about. Last Stand / Questing : Gunz Attack n Defend : if you dont understand this mode, basically the player we are watching is defending. At around the 0:10 mark, that hole between the 2 platforms is the area the defending players cant go past and the rest come rushing in and attack. [ I might make a map out of this one in Reflex for reference if you want ]
  5. [Have Your Say] Arena modes

    I remember playing Gunz and Exteel back in the days and I was addicted to these 2 games for a few of their game modes. There was a userbase game mode where they launched tdm but they made it into an attack/defend mode. I think it is really really fun, basically one team gets stuck in one side of the map like 1/4 of the map in a small room + corridor whilst the other team get to access 3/4 of the mode and try to break into the room and clear everyone out. It was superbly fun on both sides, attacking AND defending. So teams switch each round and we see who gets the points + kills (reflex can use the round win system). Exteel was fun because of this one mode I cant remember what it is but basically you start in small rooms (im imagining cool robot launchpads for reflex) and as each round starts a wave of smaller robots start spawning and then bigger robots (same mode as Gunz's quest mode) and I like to see this one for Reflex cos ppl can just have a fun time killing smaller robots/ zombie robots and farm like nice cosmetics and have a really chill mode aside from the competitive one. I think the game has to have at least on fun mode to play with and I think this can drag in a LOOTT of players. Also towards the end of the round, bigger robots can spawn and just have a fun time bringing it down with parts gibbing all over place.
  6. btw I made a map on this to run on the server and it lagged really really badly running @ 3-12fps. Some sort of bug? No idea.
  7. South East Asia players

    @newborn lots of the players are still kind of stagnant on QuakeLive tho. The main daily mode we see is clan arena and that isn't in Reflex yet. Also I guess some marketing can get word to the community because I doubt most of them know about this game tho. I did try to get some players in as well. I think CA + big maps might pull more players in. But we will see, I hope for the best as development goes on.
  8. Introduction Topic

    Hi Frysher here, probably one of the last few players in Asia / SEA who actually plays FPS like quake and reflex. I stream a little bit from now and then @ http://www.twitch.tv/frysher. Check it out. Cheers
  9. South East Asia players

    Added, reply
  10. South East Asia players

    I can't find you add me instead, I doubt anyone has my name, but predalienator has several.
  11. bind for chat commands?

    Use /say on the console ?
  12. South East Asia players

    ^ I am running the Singapore server btw.
  13. South East Asia players

    Hi, I noticed someone connecting to my server from Msia. Come add me on steam : frysher