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  1. It would be a tragedy if the server browser were removed imo. A better idea would be to put the top-5 (by player count) servers on the main menu, alongside the matchmaking games.
  2. OJ.

    Ingame suggestion - VOIP

    Definitely. When events get going for FFA and CTF it's always such a bummer that there's no VoIP, and half the people that show up say they don't feel like bothering to open discord.
  3. I tried binding space to +back originally only out of curiosity, but then found I actually prefer it. I keep S bound to +back because it's better for smaller adjustments. Rarely do I depress both at the same time, but it does happen. Releasing one in that situation (S) usually occurs if I move my middle finger to switch weapons.
  4. I have both s and space bound to +back. If I both keys are depressed, and then one released, it takes a second for the game to recognize that +back is still being issued. The result is that for one whole second the character will remain still. This applies not only to +back, but also to other +commands, as well as other keys. If for instance I have two keys bound to +attack, when one is released the weapon being fired will halt for one whole second. I attempted to fix the issue by simply having space output s through autohotkey, but the result is the same. I believe this is because when -back gets sent it takes priority for a moment, and the game isn't able to recognize that realize that +back is still being issued and was never let go.