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  1. Finalspace

    Content browser seems to be incomplete

    Right now, you can only use the content browser to select basic materials, but not any effects and most categories in the tree are empty. The only way right know for me to get effects/decals in my map, is by finding out the name of the effect from other maps and typein/copy/paste the effectname to get the same effect. I would expected to use the content browser to browse and lookup all effects at least and maybe drop it in directly.
  2. Finalspace

    Map Editor Guide

    This guide is really useful, but very outdated! Is there a updated version planned? - the editor seems to be in a rather "final" state since offiical release, although the content browser is still not working for anything else than materials.
  3. Finalspace

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    I am working on a multi-stage strafe race map. 5 / 6 stages are done. Design is meant to be very simple and clean, but i am still unsure if i should use colored water for the ground to get area lighting in colors.
  4. Finalspace

    Editor material picking never works reliably in 1.1.2

    No with shift it seems to work reliably - seems to be a good workaround for now.
  5. Hi, when i select a existing brush and then hit the pick material key, it will not select the existing material but rather pick the default dev material instead. Only after a full restart of the game + reloading the map + go into editor mode, then it will work. The second time i will need this feature, it will most likely dont work. Can you please fix this bug? Its really annoying! Build 1.1.2 Thanks, Final
  6. Finalspace

    No draw trigger for specific sides of a brush

    Never mind, dragging the race trigger inside the wall a bit solved the clipping O_o. Other maps does this too.
  7. Finalspace

    Most textures do not work in editor

    I see, so my only choice to add more style in my map is to not use big brushes for everything, but rather smaller pieces so i can add other colored pieces between without trouble.
  8. Is there a way to set a material for a single face in the editor? Like no_draw or something? The sides of the race start trigger box produces ugly clipping errors :-(
  9. Finalspace

    Most textures do not work in editor

    I built a race map and wanted to add proper texturing, but only the dev-textures are working - all other textures, like metal, brick whatsoever do not show any textures at all. I just see the texture color and thats it. Disabling color has not helped either. But internal textures like triggers works just fine, but leave for examples does not. Also the content browser never shows textures in other categories like industrial, egyptian, events, ancient_japan, gothic, scifi - they are totally empty ;-( Do i need some sort of a texture pack or something?? [brick, water, editor_fullclip, ivy_leaf_2, dev_blue]