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  1. Spannzer

    Why do you play Reflex?

    On teamfortress.tv someone posted the Reflex Kickstarter trailer when it first released, I was blown away and started looking into the game. I then found out about CPM and started playing it a bit before Reflex came out. I've been in love with Reflex since the minute it came out, because I was in the irc late at night waiting for newborn to announce that the game was live :>
  2. Spannzer


    Quake 1-esque Singleplayer would also be amazing
  3. Spannzer

    Reflex 0.36.0 - Cofe Time for in talk English

    Oh my God this update is awesome; the game looks so gorgeous! Does anyone have a pic of the updated Hostile model? The patch notes said it was changed and I have no friends.
  4. As soon as my Reflex Poster came my PSU died. Confirmed cursed.
  5. Spannzer

    Few quick questions

    I miss kvkdm1l, it was a cool map.
  6. Spannzer

    Burst gun ricochet.

    The way it is now the Axe is more viable as a starting weapon if you have decent movement . Burstgun needs a very slight buff to make it a lil' better than it is now but still keeping it fairly weak.
  7. brb buying posters, tshirts and stickers.
  8. Spannzer

    Old Sound Files?

    God damn those old landing sounds are so nice. Instant install Edit: Also huge thanks KovaaK
  9. Spannzer

    Seconds on the clock

    Pff, fire a stake into the ground and use the shadow as a sundial. New buff to stake confirmed.
  10. Spannzer

    Seconds on the clock

    The danger of making it a callvote is that new players will have an inconsistent experience based on what their opponent wants. Sure they could vote no, but if their opponent votes for timers to be turned off and says "trust me it makes the game way better" how will the new player base his choice on his own opinion? If timers are generally turned off for cups and whatnot and new players prefer having them on, you make the barrier to entry much more harsh in terms of striving to play the game in a more serious environment (eg: community hosted cups, or possibly even matchmaking if timers are flat out disabled). Honestly timers should either be in the game, or not. Having both just isn't a viable option in my opinion. Personally I'd like no seconds or timers on the clock, but as many have already said people having clock overlays and such could be rampant.
  11. Spannzer

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    Finally updated, LET'S GO. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ilqmewgxwzbpbiq/SP-HUD%20RFX.zip?dl=0
  12. Spannzer

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    You're in luck, I've just updated it! I'm uploading the new version asap.
  13. Spannzer

    Reflex could have been...

    Not gonna miss a single second of this.
  14. Spannzer

    One flag CTF

    iirc there was a "beacon" icon above the carrier's head that flashed every few seconds, which kind of stopped hiding in every dark corner, but it wasn't much of a graceful solution. The gamemode was fun and hectic though :>
  15. Spannzer

    One flag CTF

    I think there was a gamemode in Rayman M (or whatever it was called) where it was FFA with 1 flag. The winner was the person who held the flag for the most time once the round had ended. It was pretty fun. Edit: Nice pic LoNeZiLLa :>