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  1. Pawanast

    GeForce GTX 770 or 970

    Lowering the graphics is barely noticeable. Seriously. R_bloom and r_dynamic_lights aren't so special that you should have them on if your PC can't handle them.
  2. Pawanast

    GeForce GTX 770 or 970

    I'm running constant over 200 fps with gtx 770 and intel xeon e3-1230v3. Usually constant 300fps or 400fps. Dunno what you're smoking, but 770 is plenty enough.
  3. Pawanast

    le lg

    What? Way to overexaggerate mate. I hope you're not using quake live with VQ3 physics as a comparison point to how reflex should be. Just watch hal or kovaak use the IC. It's fine.
  4. The servers have been basically "dead" for as long as I remember. Some CA servers had people back in 2008. People always played mostly pickup games arranged in irc.
  5. Not trying to argue about opinions but throwing in the other side of the coin: To me, CPMA is the best game ever made. It requires huge amount of skill but can still be fun and casual, but still being one of the most competetitive games out there. The fact is that cpm is over 10 yeards old. Playerbase has stayed the same for god knows for how long. It's perfect, but it's still a mod for quake 3 and the engine is old. But now we have reflex, which is basically like saying: "hey dude, we know you loved cpm so we're making this awesome game which is like cpm but with all these features a game made past 2010 should have: matchmaking, better graphics, better engine etc. all that shit. Basically cpma 2.0 but not quite". I don't see anything wrong with reflex being similar to cpm, because cpm was the perfect competitive fps game. Hell, this game would be easily worth 20 bucks to me even if it was 1 to 1 copy of cpm but with matchmaking and ten times larger playerbase.
  6. Pawanast

    0.30.x - New! Improved! Netcode!

    You can always RJ there. If a jump can be done, it's not too hard.
  7. Pawanast

    Reflex Tournaments: Hold onto your butts, here we go.

    Who wants a map without rail? This isn't qw. Stake is pretty much useless in its current state.
  8. Yeah in europe ntf was played alot along with tdm and normal ctf. It's a nice mode though.
  9. Oh okay, he was referring then to the current spawn system afaik. Most of the problem from what I understood was that the sound is bad in reflex. You can't tell where people are based on sound and the pickup sounds are fucked up. Neither can you tell by sound where the person spawned unlike in cpm.
  10. I think yes. Hal_9000 said in stream that the new spawn system with the bad sound of reflex makes the game more boring/slower than CS. Only shitty players complain about spawnkilling though, scientifically proven.
  11. Pawanast

    Mouse sensitivity

    I'm using steelseries qck right now which is 320x270 with my steelseries sensei. Even though I play with 21cm/360cm I'm going to buy a steelseries qck+ sometime which is like 450mmx?. Even though very rarely I find myself on the edge of the pad I would be more comfortable if I knew I have extra space to work with. But go with the qck if you don't have space.
  12. The textures are okay. Also you can RJ out of map boundaries.
  13. The textures were great. They gave great visibility on a such horizontal map. Let's see if default reflex textures work.
  14. Pawanast

    Build 30 HYPE

    Beat hal_9000 in cpm22 or buy 10 copies of reflex.