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    Turning frustration into constructive feedback

    Appreciate all of the responses. Addressing some comments here pretty late. Hey if the game isn't for me then the game isn't for me. I can accept that. But that's also why I addressed this feedback to the devs and not the community. Consider it easy market research. I am actually smack dab in the middle of the hardcore/competitive audience and my purchase/playing history over the last 2 decades proves it. In fact, in the games I spent the most time competing in, 1v1 was my preferred mode. If snowballing is a mechanic that sells this game for people, and those are the most important people to the devs, then I will bow out and leave you all to it. I believe I clearly stated that I did not expect to beat the veteran as a new player. I just expect to achieve some success now and then and really what I mean by that is kill them once if I outperform them mechanically. As it turns out, most gamers aren't willing to spend "considerable amount of time learning the game" before abandoning it. And while you may think that's fine and Reflex isn't for most gamers, it does need to be for some number of gamers that can sustain the title. It's not a coincidence that the last updates to the game coincide with a steep drop in player counts. Who knows if the reasons I specified are the reasons why there's lackluster player counts. I'd certainly contend that accessibility is a huge issue. What we do know is that if you fully monetize 10% (generous) of the 2000 active players (est. by SteamSpy) at $100 (rough estimate of goods sold in the store * 50% [also generous]) you're looking at funding one decent programmer for 6 months of work. That's clearly not sustainable for getting Reflex where it needs to be to be healthy, and to give the devs a return on their hard work (read: financial stability). Like I said, I'm a sample of n=1. I'd wager this isn't the first nor last time you've heard this though. If no one wants this feedback or believes it's valuable then I'm fine uninstalling and you'll never hear from me again. It's not a "I'm going to take my ball and go home" thing. If you're comfortable with the above, then no amount of my feedback is going to change your mind anyway so I just won't belabor the point further and wont expect things to change.
  2. I had and have high hopes for Reflex. I've been following the devs since their Kickstarter and being a Tribes guy, generally like skill-based shooters with deep movement systems. However, I've had a rather frustrating experience today that mirrors pretty much every experience I've had with Reflex since I installed it quite a long time ago. Usually when I try to talk to the players in game about why I get frustrated, I get called a newb, or "this game's not for you", or get run out of the server by egos that cant handle criticism of the game they love. I'll admit I haven't dumped a ton of hours into Reflex. Steam says 11 hours. I've spent probably just as much time watching videos on the subreddit or other places. But the amount of time I've spent over 11 hours doesn't really matter. 11 hours is a lot for a game I routinely get frustrated with. Reflex has the same core issues as Tribes and Tribes-like games have: There's a hardcore community that is deep rooted, opinionated, and very skilled. These people tend to want the best for the game and are often the first to volunteer to teach people to play. However, they're also the first to downplay any feedback that deviates design from their vision/expectations for a high-skilled FPS. Here's the core issue I have with it: 1v1 dueling is super fun except for the snowball mechanics. I'm ok with being the terribad kid in the server getting his ass handed to him, but if I don't have an even playing field then I get discouraged and leave. The only even playing field in 1v1 is the first spawn. After that it's largely about controlling the items around the map. That's not to say you can never come back from being on the bottom end of that, but it makes it incredibly difficult for a new player to do so when the veteran is dominating entirely. It's incredibly discouraging when I land several consecutive rocket direct hits and get out-armored because I only had spawn health. It feels overwhelming and hopeless. I don't really want the veteran to let up, I just want the game mechanics to change. I can understand that at a high level of play this stuff adds depth. I don't really care about the high level. I want to have fun in the game I bought. I just don't have the time or patience for it when there is no satisfaction even for mechanically being better than someone for a brief moment because they snowballed. Gun play: Fantastic Movement: Fantastic Visuals: Like them Snowballing: Makes me quit every time That's my sample size of one feedback for the devs.