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  2. The Sushi Mapping Competition has finally come to a close... 15 Maps Submitted 9 Maps Accepted 5 Maps Voted on by the Community ~ Vanity Awards So Close but yet Not Far Award goes to... xy10beta by Xytaglyph Given to a map that is solid but missing something. Is this gonna be good..? Oh damn. Award goes to... sharqdm1 by Sharqosity Given to a map that made many judges question if it would play well before... playing well. My Head Hurts Award goes to... sohtourney3 by soh Given to a map that is made for big brainers. ? Award goes to... Canaria by Skytoon Given to a map that many judges want to see worked on more. A mapper to watch. It's Warm in Alaska Award goes to... Tantalus by wrjthe Given to a map that whilst actually sick felt out of place in this competition. Bring on the New Shit Award goes to... Phase Shift by ish Given to a map that successfully executed new ideas. A Worthwhile Contestant Award goes to... Salt and Ashes by SickDownLink Given to a map that was not submitted but should still see playtime. In 5th Place with a Final Score of 2.09... In 4th Place with a Final Score of 2.39... In 3rd Place with a Final Score of 2.97... In 2nd Place with a Final Score of 3.16... And finally in 1st Place with a Final Score of 3.2... Please welcome Aberration by def as your new addition to the Reflex map pool! Thank you to everyone who participated in the mapping contest in any way. Entering, assistance, judging, voting, and of course all of those who furthered the competition by donating to the prize pool. More information will appear on this thread within the coming days.
  3. Closes 15th of July 23:59 PDT (click image above to go vote) • (click banners to go to workshop page)
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    The Ki Tournaments are the Sushiflex Organization's main line of tournaments hosted tri-monthly for the two main modes of Sushi ruleset play: Duel & 2V2. CURRENT STATUS: DUEL TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION (ON HOLD) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ IMPORTANT LINKS: DISCORD - All entrants are required to be within the Sushi discord. North America Bracket & Registration Europe Bracket & Registration Prize Pool Donation Links: North America Matcherino Europe Matcherino _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SUSHI KI TOURNAMENT ONE SKT ONE is the first event in the Sushi Ki Tournament and will run an altered format than the future line of tournaments. This altered format is used to support change within Reflex and provide something new to the table. SKT ONE has dropped The Catalyst, the most played map, in favor of adding the top two (2) maps from the mapping pool giving us a six (6) size map pool. These tournaments are REGION LOCKED _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MAP POOL: A-LIST: Pocket Infinity, Simplicity, Furnace, Ruin B-LIST: First Place Winner of Mapping Competition, Second Place Winner of Mapping Competition BRACKET STYLE: Double Elimination Lower Bracket Set: Best of One Upper Bracket Set: Best Of Three Lower Bracket Semifinals: Best of Three Upper Bracket Semifinals: Best of Five Grand Finals: Best of Five (+ Best of Five is LB Finalist wins initial set). TOURNAMENT STYLE: 2X Random Ban at the start of each set. Roll for first map Pick Advantage. Before the start of a set 2 random maps from the A-List will be banned for the entire set. If the set is a Best of Five, no map will be banned. Both players will then roll to decide who gets pick advantage among the remaining 4 maps. PICK ORDER: L = Roll Loser, W = Roll Winner Best of One and Best of Three Sets: W: Ban L: Ban W: Pick (First Match Only) Each consecutive match afterwards the loser of the previous match picks the map. NO MAP MAY BE PLAYED MORE THAN ONCE. Best of Five Sets: L: Ban W: Ban L: Ban W: Pick (First Match Only) Each consecutive match afterwards the loser of the previous match picks the map. NO MAP MAY BE PLAYED MORE THAN ONCE. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Poster (SKT ONE) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DISCLAIMER (SEA and AU REGIONS) SEA and AU tournaments will have their registration and prize pools released once we have found suitable tournament admins for them. SEA is also in need of Sushi Ruleset servers. Sorry about all of this. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Day of Tournament Rules: Incomplete This will be a livestreamed event.
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    SushiFlex Mapping Competition

    Prize pool distribution adjusted to make room for 4th place. Important Dates updated. Grace Period is now removed to allow for a longer judging period. Discount Sushi Cup and Key Tournament dates added.
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    SushiFlex Mapping Competition

    Judging criteria released.
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    SushiFlex Mapping Competition

    Wow. A special thanks to uaedude for the $420 donation! Due to the mapping competition gaining a lot more traction recently (and that donation) many have asked for an extension in the deadline so there you go. Can't wait to see what you all bring to the table.
  8. SushiFlex

    SushiFlex Mapping Competition

    We hit our initial prize pool goal! https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10027 (As of this post we are currently sitting at $180, only $70 away from hitting our final goal.) Thanks to 1.2 Reflex has gotten a bit more talk recently. Due to both us hitting our initial goal and 1.2 being released. We have decided to extended the mapping deadline a whole month! Enjoy the extra time!
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    Sushiflex ACE Cup

    Thank you all for playing! The VOD can be found here: RESULTS: Draft Players: Svyt, rex, def, Magikarp, lko, BL, Puma, cozy, christian, TheBennyFishel rex is the captain of Team Sashimi, lko is captain of Team Maki Puma is drafted into Team Sashimi Magikarp and christian are drafted into Team Maki Svyt is drafted into Team Sashimi def is drafted into Team Maki BL is drafted intoTeam Sashimi cozy is drafted into Team Maki TheBennyFishel is drafted into Team Sashimi Map Pool The final map pool was: The Catalyst, QW Aero, Phrantic, gt3 medit, dp9 Shadowfalls ACE match map: Outworld Games The Catalyst: Svyt 9 - 7 lko QW Aero: rex 31 - -1 cozy Phrantic: Puma 19 - 5 Magikarp gt3 MEdit: christian 47 - 0 TheBennyFishel Shadowfalls: def 26 - 1 BL ACE match on Outworld: rex 23 - 2 def Team Sashimi wins the normal maps 3-2, and recieves the tournament win! They also win the ACE match, earning each member 15 bonus sharqcoin.
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    Sushiflex March Madness!

    Updated dates for NA 1V1 and EU 1V1 to be later in the month. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Sushiflex March Madness!

    1. General 1.1 Welcome Hello Reflexers! Sushiflex March Madness has finally arrived for Spring 2018 - a month filled with official Sushi duels and doubles tournaments every weekend, as well as other tournaments hosted by various community members. All information for the official events are in this post. The official tournaments have a base prize pool of $80 each, with donations open to the public. 1.2 wen Join the Sushiflex Discord! https://discord.io/sushiflex To get set up to play Sushi, check out #sushiflex-setup. 1.3 Schedule 3-3 EDIT: The NA and EU 1v1 tournaments have been moved back 1 week in order to encourage signups. House of Dubs Draft Cup #1 Sunday, 25th March 17:00 CET / 11:00 EST Check Sushiflex Discord #house-of-dubs for more info. Register: https://goo.gl/forms/uKWK6qaDL2eMc4A43 Bracket: https://challonge.com/hoddraft ACE Cup Saturday, 10th March 14:00 EST Forum post with more info: http://forums.reflexarena.com/topic/4738-sushiflex-ace-cup/ NA 2v2 Cup Sunday, 11th March 16:00 EST Stream: TBD Prize Pool: $80 Donate: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10056/description Bracket: http://sushiflex.challonge.com/NA2v2 NA 1v1 Cup Saturday, 17th March 16:00 EST Stream: TBD Prize Pool: $80 Donate: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10055/description Bracket: http://sushiflex.challonge.com/NA1v1 EU 2v2 Cup Sunday, 25th March 15:00 GMT Stream: TBD Prize Pool: $80 Donate: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10057/description Bracket: http://sushiflex.challonge.com/EU2v2 EU 1v1 Cup Saturday, 31st March 15:00 GMT Stream: TBD Prize Pool: $80 Donate: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10041/description Bracket: http://sushiflex.challonge.com/EU1v1 Please contact us if you would like to stream any event! Times: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ NA 1v1 and 2v2 Tournaments: Check-in opens: 15:00 EST | Tournament start: 16:00 EST EU 1v1 and 2v2 Tournaments: Check-in opens: 14:00 GMT | Tournament start: 15:00 GMT Please note, if you must leave for a period of time during a tournament, an admin may be able to schedule your game later – however, you must inform admin as soon as possible. If you do not let an admin know, you might get dropped from the tournament for delaying matches. 1.4 Demos Feel free to record or stream your own matches. Admins will review demos as necessary. Demos will be recorded on all servers, and all replays can be downloaded from their respective server links: Dallas #1: Dallas #2: UK #1: East #2: Sydney #1: Owl's Sushi Saloon 420 (US CENTRAL): Owl's Sushi Sauna :ok_hand: (UK): Owl's authentic Norwegian Sushi (UK): Owl's shamanic Sushi (UK): 1.5 Registration You can register from NOW until the tournament starts by: 1. Signing up on challonge (links above). Register your team for the 2v2 tourneys! 2. Showing up in http://discord.io/sushiflex on the given date! 1.6 Admins House of Dubs Draft Cup #1 - CrazyAl NA 1v1 Cup - Sharqosity Sushi ACE Cup - Sharqosity NA 2v2 Cup - TBD EU 1v1 Cup - TBD EU 2v2 Cup - TBD Please contact us if you would like to help admin for any event! 2. Match organization 2.1 How-to We expect players to know the rules and be fairly autonomous when setting up/playing tournament games. Of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask a tourney admin for clarification. To set up your match, talk to your opponent and determine a best server from the following list. Know the map picking rules (section 2.3)! 2.2 Servers North America: Dallas #1: Dallas #2: West #1: West #2 (US-W Big eZ): East #1: East #2: 172.10617.210:28547 Central #1 (Owl’s Sushi Saloon 420): Europe: UK #1: UK #2: (Owl’s Sushi Sauna) UK #3: (Owl’s authentic Norwegian Sushi) UK #4: (Owl’s shamanic Sushi) Australia: AU #1: 2.3 Duel Map Picking Rounds before Winner Bracket Semifinal - Best of three (BO3): 2 map wins needed - Both players type roll 100 into console: - Loser Drop, Winner Drop, Loser Pick, Winner Pick - Last map is used as Tiebreaker Winner Bracket Semifinal and following rounds - Best of 5 (BO5): 3 map wins needed - Both players type roll 100 into console: - Roll + Drop-Drop-Pick-Pick-{{Pick-Pick}} -> If it ends 2:2 the remaining map is the decider. No draws possible. Grand Final - Best of 5 (BO5): 3 map wins needed - WB winner needs to win one BO5 - LB winner needs to win two BO5 matches 2.4 Doubles Map Picking Rounds before Grand Final There are only 3 maps - each team will choose a map, and the last one will be played as a tiebreaker if needed. Grand Final - WB winner needs to win one BO3 - LB winner needs to win two BO3 matches 2.5 Reporting Match Results Players can either self-report the result of a match in challonge, or post the result in the Sushi Discord #competitive channel after the match. Keep an eye on the bracket after your game so you can be ready to set up the next game with your opponent! 3. In game play 3.1 Game format 1v1 Duel Tournaments: Sushiflex v6.2 Timelimit: 10 2v2 Doubles Tournaments: Sushiflex v6.2 - 2v2 Timelimit: 15 (The only difference in the 2v2 ruleset is 80 damage melee vs. the duel ruleset’s 100) 3.2 Map Pool 1v1 Pool: gt3 MEdit Calendar xy10beta Furnace Sanctum 2v2 Pool: Ironguard Phobos Thermal Blast A match must be replayed if it was not played on these maps or if it was not played on the Sushi ruleset. 3.3 Map Pool Feedback A survey will come out after the conclusion of all the tournaments where you can provide feedback for the map pool, including which maps you'd like to keep, and any new ones that should be played. If you would like to support the creation of new competitive duel maps, consider donating to dog's Sushiflex Mapping Competition! 4. Prizes 4.1 Prize Pools 1st – 50% 2nd – 25% 3rd – 15% 4th – 10% 4.2 Donations We appreciate your donations - contribute to the tournaments with the matcherino links in section 1.3! Thank you to Tehmeh for donating $30 to each official tournament! Thank you to Volume for donating $50 to each official tournament! See you in the Arena!
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    Sushiflex ACE Cup

    A new Reflex Tournament format! Date: Saturday, March 10th, 2PM EST/20:00 CET Stream: http://twitch.tv/sharqosity Registration: Join the Sushi Discord and PM Sharqosity#0314 Explanation of the Rules: This format is based off of Starcraft's Proleague format. 2 captains will be chosen by the tourney admin at the beginning of the event: Captain 1 and Captain 2 will draft their teams: 1 - 2 - 2 - 1 + ( 2 - 1 etc.) until everyone has been drafted. Team members will each be given roles and split into 2 Discord text and voice channels. Here they can discuss strategy and who to put on what map The amount of maps/games played is equal to the amount of players on each team. The map pool will be announced after teams are drafted. Each team will decide a player to send to play on each map - each player can only be used once (not counting the ACE match). Each team will send their final player lineup for the map pool to the tourney admin. Once both teams are done, the match-ups will be revealed. Sharqcoin betting will be active during this event! Games will be played and streamed one at a time in the order of the map pool. All games will be played on the Sushi ruleset. Check #sushiflex-setup in the Sushi Discord if you need to get set up. Each map win for a team will net every member 10 Sharqcoin. The ACE Match: After all maps are played, teams will put forth one player of their choosing to play in the ACE match (any player on the team can be chosen now). The team that wins more maps is considered the official winner of the tournament. The ACE match will still be played at the end, and the winner of the ACE match will net his team 15 Sharqcoin each. If the teams have an even amount of players and both teams are tied after all maps are played, the ACE match will decide the winner of the tournament. Map pool MAY INCLUDE: The Catalyst, Phrantic, Outworld, QW Aero, Abandoned Shelter, and more if needed! Map pool explanation: We want to keep the map pool varied so drafted players are not only valued for their raw strength, but also their map knowledge and ability to adapt. The goal of the map pool is to let a range of different skills shine through, because we believe each player has something different to offer to the team's skillset. Note that maps in the list above may not actually be in the map pool, and maps not listed could. Registration: Players from all regions are welcome to register! It is imperative that you join the Sushiflex Discord on game day so you can communicate with your team and receive directions from the tourney admin. Since a traditional challonge page cannot accommodate for this type of format, simply PM Sharqosity#0314 on Discord to register, OR reply to this forum thread! Currently registered players: Volume, Jankygoatsmugla, lzr_dev, cozy, christian, Cthulhu, def, lko, puma, TheBennyFishel, BL, Svyt, Magikarp, rex Message from tourney host, Sharqosity: See you guys there! It'll be hype watching and rooting for your teammates. No real money prizepool this time, it's all for fun (do come and win your sharqcoin though). If you have any questions at all about the format, don't be afraid to ask and clarify. Think of this as a trial run for the format; if something doesn't work or can be improved, please provide suggestions for the next one!
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    SushiFlex Mapping Competition

    All routes in default are possible in Sushi. All routes in Sushi are possible in default with one exception being the platform height bug having more prevalence. Example: Bolt Rifle platform on Pocket Infinity is now possible to reach in Sushi by jumping against the platform TWICE. Basically, Do not worry about the movement between rulesets affecting the routes and we will keep in mind the platform height issue if we come across it. This is just a mapping competition hosted by SushiFlex due to our focus on pushing a wider map pool.
  14. Closes 15th of July 23:59 PDT (click image above to go vote) MAPLIST sohtourney3 by soh: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1382886199 Driven by Greed: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1381687701 hdm13 by hoyt98: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1310247061 sharqdm1 by Sharqosity: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1319828393 Aberration by def: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1378824625 ORIGINAL THREAD Hey, the SushiFlex guys are hosting a mapping competition in our continued effort to bring a more diverse and accepted map pool to Reflex. Submit Your Entry Donate to the Prize Pool This competition is a map layout competition for 1 versus 1 (duel), so do not be worried about art. Depending on how this competition goes, we will host more mapping competitions in the future for different modes. Competition Process: Contestants will have until the specified deadline to complete their map layout. Judging will begin immediately after and continue for ten (10) days. Map voting list releases and a three (3) day grace period ensures. A potential tournament will be held with the map pool being the map voting list during this grace period. Community voting begins once the grace period ends and will continue for seven (7) days. The winner will be announced within a reasonable time frame after voting closes. Submission Requirements: Map must be capable of one-versus-one deathmatch (duel). You may submit up to 2 replay files with your submission (if possible , please send us SushiFlex ruleset replays!) Existing maps may be submitted as long as they were submitted to the Steam Workshop no earlier than January 1st, 2018 00:00 GMT. UNLESS the map has had a substantial layout change (ie. something that effects how the map plays ((eg. Re-scaling, teleporter changes, item placements, etc.)) later than the previously stated date. You can submit old maps as long as they have had changes since the start of the year. Multiple entries are allowed, but only your highest scoring entry within the initial judging process will be able to place. Judging Process: Judges will initially weed out any maps that are unanimously deemed poor / incomplete. Judges will then grade the remaining maps on multiple categories using the Sushi Rating Scale (SRS). Judges also will provide a short reasoning for their score as well as may provide potential feedback on the map. SRS - Sushi Rating Scale: ⬥⬦⬦⬦ - Low Quality ⬥⬥⬦⬦ - Average ⬥⬥⬥⬦ - Above Average ⬥⬥⬥⬥ - High Quality Judging Criteria: Base Score (B) is determined using this criteria with each criteria using the SRS. Enjoyment Is the map entertaining and fun to play on? Structure Is the map geometry well designed and properly utilized? Item Placement Is the map item placement well designed and properly utilized? Potential Stability Does the map stand out compared to others in the current map pool? Approach-ability Is the map able to be played among all skill levels? Interaction Does the map encourage healthy player interaction? (inc vs. ooc dynamic enjoyable?) Experimentation Does the map successfully execute new ideas? Judge's Score (P) uses the SRS and is weighted fifty (50) percent less than the base score. Overall Score: (2B + P) / 15 Judges will then be required to give a short reasoning for the score they have given and optional feedback / constructive criticism. Community Judging: The community will then be able to vote on the top entries rated by the judges. Community members will be able to give an overall score to each map within the pool using the SRS. Selecting the Winner: Final score is calculated by: (0.6 * average judge score) + (0.4 * average community score) If a tie develops between the top 2 entries, the judges will reassess both maps. If a tie is developed between the second and third place entries, both maps will be awarded the second place prize. Prize Pool: First Place 40% of Matcherino Prize Pool 120 Sharqcoin within the SushiFlex Discord. Map is added to the SushiFlex Official Tournament Map Pool for the next available tourney and has the potential to remain within it. Second Place 20% of Matcherino Prize Pool 80 Sharqcoin within the SushiFlex Discord. Map is added to the experimental SushiFlex Tournament Map Pool. Third Place 12.5% of Matcherino Prize Pool 50 Sharqcoin within the SushiFlex Discord. Fourth Place 5% of Matcherino Prize Pool 30 Sharqcoin within the SushiFlex Discord. Fifth Place 2.5% of Matcherino Prize Pool 30 Sharqcoin within the SushiFlex Discord. Honorable Mentions 25 Sharqcoin within the SushiFlex Discord. Judges 20% of Matcherino Prize Pool 60 Sharqcoin within the SushiFlex Discord. Submission: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10027/participants Click join and you will be asked to fill out a form and submit your entries! You may only join once so be sure everything is correct. If an error is made send us a message here or on discord and we will clear your entry and you may re-enter. Donating to the Prize Pool: We are doing crowdfunding for the prize pool via Matcherino! It would be awesome if you donated to allow us to not only reward our winning entries but our judges as well. Donate Here: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10027/description Information: Ask in the thread for more information or share your concerns. Judges receive the remaining 20% of the prize pool. Our Discord: https://discord.gg/FXGdfjC Hosted by dog | Judges: Bjarke, Cthulhu, dog, Duck, Komier SUSHIFLEX MAPPING COMPETITION