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  1. reflexpicardia


    Hey, where can I find the VODs, I was so fucking hyped for this, did it happen or not, it still says active...
  2. reflexpicardia

    SushiFlex Mapping Competition

    HeyGuys, I'm looking for the winners of the competition so I can play the best maps other than fucking t7 lol... Also, can I still play in the tournaments, or are they over, if so is there a VOD I can watch? why is this hsit so dead rofl
  3. reflexpicardia

    SushiFlex Mapping Competition

    Lol are you for real ? why not take 50% of the money for rating maps while your at it? Also WTF is Sharqcoin, Shushiflex, who the fuck are the judges, not even mentioned in the post?! What has this got to do with "SushiFlex" whatever the fuck that is, why can't it just be a standard map competition? The project is interesting, but this is hard to understand man...