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  1. Remzi

    The Cannery (Classic CA Map)

    It's not made for promode, yet it's still a popular promode CA map.It works fine for CPM/Reflex. I'm not changing it since I don't have any rights to the map.
  2. Classic CA map Screenshots + shit soon Will be on Xerosawyer soon. Mega.co.nz
  3. Remzi

    0.29.x - Arena modes!

  4. Switch to axe Hit the key of a weapon you have and the key of a weapon you do not have Dropping stakegun for teammates on maps without stakegun hype
  5. I'll be sure to update the map with actual balance changes with good amounts of playtesting behind it over the next few weeks. :B
  6. 60mb~ vs 16mb~ + better framerate + much faster compile time + actual competitive support.
  7. Remzi

    1u jumppads

    Touching the ground. Your feet still hit the ground which allows you to jump as you hit them. It's neat and could add a lot to maps, but it also leads to weird effects on maps that don't intend it~
  8. Remzi

    1u jumppads

    If you put a 1unit jumppad on the ground, you can hold jump before you hit it and it'll stack the jump momentum with the jumppad momentum, leading to very odd interactions. For now, avoid 1unit jumppads. Edit : Actually, thought of a few actual uses with this. Please don't remove, just be aware. It could really add something to a map to allow players to choose how high the jumppad shoots them.
  9. Yeaaaah. Had to make sacrifices, I might add in more beauty but we'll see. 1) The old steps had an abnormally high amount of brushes used for no real reason. I cut them down to help optimize it. May adjust manually in a later version. 2) Agreed. Will tweak in next version! 3/4 ) I'll wait until I contact the original mapdev before I tweak the balance (except one change, there was one busted 1way sightline I fixed), but I'll make plenty of playtest substantiated tweaks. Edit : Mapdev contacted, greenlit to make modifications. May the balance testing commence.
  10. Remzi

    Tiered Armor re-balance?

    This is great. Allow maps to pick it? Yeah, that's really good actually. Hopefully it'd make 4v4s a lot more exciting when resources can be semi-shared. Just makes me wonder how the tiered armor would interact with it. Teammate picks up shared yellow, one player has red @ 170 or w/e. He gets nothing? I mean that's fair but bleh. I think it'd only work out well with shared reds, since yellows would just lead to a huge resource being pretty wasted.Still in favor of shared resources to some degree. Also, instead of a sound cue you could just have a little armor icon above the players heads or something of the sort. :B
  11. A competitive edition of the map FjoRXtourney1. Heavy cleanup was done to optimize filesizes, improve visibility and make lightmap builds much faster. There's still adjustments to be made but I'm very happy with this version! Filesize optimization; .map : 1363kb to 774kb .light : 43556kb to 14409kb (!!!) .probe : 1068kb to 668kb Come play this map at the TD servers! (Special thanks to Username for cleanup + texturing help~) Download (via ReflexFiles) Download (via Mega)
  12. Remzi

    First impressions and license

    League of Legends, CSGO, DOTA2, Quake Live, TF2, Starcraft II, Starcraft BW, etc are all successful and competitive titles which only have proprietary source code.To be honest, I think the quake series is the only set of titles that actually succeeded with an open source code, and they didn't release it until YEARS later. Open source is nice, but it can also hurt the profit TurboPixel makes. Company won't do it when they can lose tons of money. Maybe in five or ten years. You realize that their licensing fees are how the company makes their profits, right?So.. imagine if they shot themselves in the foot and took away their main source of income? Bahaha.
  13. Remzi

    Tiered Armor re-balance?

    So Newborn's idea of grab-armor, all of team gets armor is actually neat. It'd mean YA's are much easier for the out-of-control team to get. Would need other various tweaks but I think it's a pretty cool idea that'd be awesome to see expanded on.
  14. Remzi

    Dedicated Server Hosting

    Hostigation doesn't have windows servs, nor does ramnode. Game doesn't have linux client atm so... I dunno. :B
  15. Remzi

    Dedicated Server Hosting

    Prices raised 2.5x? :/ Edit - Word from Mik is that they don't honor prior arrangements, they force you to pay the new rate or they cancel the service. Just get yourself a cheap VPS for like $20 a month instead, you'll be able to host servers at a much cheaper rate and won't have to deal with bad business practice. Edit2 - Good VPS services : Amazon ($10/mo, $100/yr), SolVPS ($10/mo), SoftSys ($10/mo)