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  1. tehace

    thctourney1 (thct1) - The Pandemonium

    as for the thct1 thing video, that pillar sticks out and it does have angled brushes as clips around it so you're not stuck on it, I've tried extending it to the very bottom so you can't get under it but then you can feel it sticking out below which felt more annoying. If this ever become annoying as it is now I'll remove the indent of that pillar completely. Thought I used the proper materials for armors aka corresponding to the armors they suppose to represent. The whole thing with putting letters in major items was an experiment, I'll let it slide for a bit, if it would still be annoying after a while I'll remove those.
  2. tehace

    thctourney1 (thct1) - The Pandemonium

    thanks, Im glad you enjoyed it. You might experience performance issues but most of it is probably due to sparks collision that should be greatly improved in the next patch, so I'll have a look at other things that might cause issues after the update would go live, also the sunlight is supposed to be turned off but the option for that is also going to be implemented in the next update (sunlight does influence the performance as well).
  3. tehace

    thctourney1 (thct1) - The Pandemonium

  4. tehace

    thctourney1 (thct1) - The Pandemonium

    no its not yet, it would probably be if it wasnt for performance issues... rip the dreams.
  5. tehace

    thctourney1 (thct1) - The Pandemonium

    optimization in progress lol
  6. tehace

    thctourney1 (thct1) - The Pandemonium

  7. tehace

    FPS Benchmark map

    Not sure, people complain about 421 performance but it has lights that are both pointlight/spotlight with shadows turned on, if you add people's ultra settings the number of verts skyrocket for no particular reason as there is barely any difference (some lights have some geometry to actually use the shadows ON but it feels like it ditch the performance heavily). I've posted that thct1 screenshot the other day, we were just adding things as usual and suddenly we ended up with 12000K verts with just half of the RA room done. After removing godrays, turning shadows off of lamps, removing some meshes that could be created with brushes we managed to lower the verts count to around 2500K, basically more than doubling the fps. I've talked with shooter the other day and he promised that he would add an option to turn the sun off for maps that don't really make use of it as it further improves the performance (without the sun I'm around 1000K verts so that's like 10% of the initial geometry we had and less than half of what I have now without touching anything). More on the topic I think there should be a 'default' demo on a well-optimised map that people could run with something like timedemo 1. It would be cool if the summary screen would give you detailed info about frames/gpu/cpu usage
  8. tehace

    thctourney1 (thct1) - The Pandemonium

    this might take a while
  9. tehace

    thctourney1 (thct1) - The Pandemonium

  10. with a bit fucked up UI ;p
  11. ill post more as they upload
  12. tehace

    thct6 - the missing link

    updated darker water quite a few clips removed angled brushes you could stand on in the air couple of leaks
  13. tehace

    thct6 - the missing link

    yeah I have like 20 files with this map already
  14. tehace

    thct6 - the missing link

    - The ledges are there so its easier to drop down there and not be instantly pushed up, its a bit weird because there was only one time when I didnt hit the jumppad but I did move on this map a lot so I guess its something you have to keep in mind. - yeah, we moved the brushes but probably forgotten about the target, doenst break the map that much so I'll write it down for the next set of revisions thanks for noting. - I didnt wanted for it to be insta back if I got this point right. - for 50hp, you can grab it from both stairs that leds up to above RA and those small that goes a bit up to YA and the TP jump is also doable.