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    All Reflex distributions should have a ruleset_sandbox.cfg included in the root folder, so that each server can actually tweak the gconst in console without having to manually make a file there. Currently gconst_playeronground_speed actually dictates both ground and air speed. Should split it off into gconst_playerinair_speed in order to implement QW physics. Additional variable like gconst_playerongroundcrouched_friction and gconst_playerongroundcrouched_acceleration allows pseudo-Q4 crouchslide to be added. Would be nice to have gconst_mega_decay, gconst_armor_decay, gconst_armor_overstack, gconst_armor100_dmgreduction, gconst_armor150_dmgreduction, gconst_armor50_dmgreduction. A pretty far-fetched idea, but if somehow there's a possibility of per-player rulesets...?