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  1. In the same manner some people don't like video games, and play the same way throughout all video game? (Turn off Crosshair and Hud, search Trick kill, perhaps you will understand or not) Need defrag quickly please... I think you should meditate this : Apparently no.
  2. For any guys, we must to play as if our lives depended on it, to camp behind wall, and playing hide-and-seek, on stupid video game. Maybe go painball or go to real war for the competition, the stakes are high. Look at the competition of video games, really too funny.
  3. I believe the earth is flat for many people with the sun revolves around.
  4. Rocket direct stake & Rocket direct rail are possible, dont know really why i mentionned that, perhaps the frustration of not being able to switch weapon same than cpma. Sorry for that, but the probleme (for me) is always here, no fast rail/stake gun slowed the gameplay & combos.
  5. You can delete Stake Gun on arena modes, nobody use it, just any guys when i use ONLY Stake gun, and go back with rail after 2 min because the RG is easier, wihout fast switch you penalize those who know play by preventing combos: - Rocket direct stake - Rocket direct rail - Stake direct rail I mentioned those with the most interest For now, arena modes are just tiresome, was the impretion of being in star wars or shootmania or the same shit style ^^. This can be done with 20 rockets, even for some 5 should be enough , no jump, no forward, rail rail rail. Like the skill & fun definition.
  6. Omg, i'm in, never seen this video, good memories. (And yes i play without crosshair and no Hud)
  7. For me ATDM need: -50 rockets -30 stakes -Fast-rail -Fast-stakegun -Down railgun damage
  8. pkdavid


    I personally hope that will not be included in reflex. Exactly, CoD = id-Tech3. Overbounce was Quake 3's bug, removed for CPMA but always present in defrag. Topic OB was here:
  9. pkdavid

    Devils DeFlex

    In a word: patience. ^^
  10. pkdavid

    Devils DeFlex

    Did you try to remove all items ?
  11. pkdavid

    SmileCJ- High level circle jumps 420-450u

    Managed 428 too but 430 hasn't come yet, think possible too. Great map man. Thx.
  12. pkdavid


    Really not OB ^^ believe me, just ramp.